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A unique combination within the Swiss market: Staufenbiel Institut organizes the Absolventenkongress - the leading recruiting fair for students, graduates & young professionals in Switzerland. Our career-books "Karriere-Ratgber" are known as standard references for career planning. On you can find Switzerland's most popular jobboard focusing on students and graduates.

We provide students with the latest and most suitable job offers and all the career information they need. Furthermore with our products we help companies recruiting academics they are looking for.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Staufenbiel is a specialist job board for students, graduates and young professionals. Originally, Staufenbiel is part of a larger group, located in Germany: the Staufenbiel Institute, founded in 1972. Most of the different sites focus on the German market, but this one extends to Switzerland. There is a Xing page (which is actually the German one), and a number of other social media pages: on Facebook, there are 1 362 followers (but nothing new since September of last year); on Twitter, there are 319 followers (and no updates since January of last year) and finally, YouTube has a small following of 23 people but the videos are more recent. Even if the page design is interesting, anyone with eyesight problems might struggle to read the short blurb on the homepage explaining a bit about Staufenbiel (small pale grey print on a black background) and some of the job offers. About 15 630 people visit the site every month.

Design:  The top of the homepage is just a large moving image of a student and a small search engine (for keywords). There is a “how it works” button above the search engine and you can even use voice command to use it. When you start typing in a word, suggestions appear underneath as well as the number of job offers for each word. You can reveal the list of sections by clicking on the list icon at the top of the page. This includes the jobs (you can choose to view only student jobs, internships, placement jobs, etc.), the company pages, the magazine, the employer check and a link to Gradeview. In the company listing, the companies, represented by a logo, appear in a grid and you can click on one to reveal additional information (like the number of job offers and a brief description) without changing pages. If you click on “more information”, the company profile appears, which includes a large banner image, multimedia, social media feeds, contact information, articles and the employer check. Links to the website and career page are also on the profile. In the job listing, the offers from the same company appear with only one logo for all the offers. You can expand the job offer to see keywords, or go to the actual offer in a new window. By clicking on the keywords in the job offer, you can bring up a window with popular companies, cities and searches for that word.

The job board objective: Staufenbiel has a new innovative way to look for work. Students and graduates can find essential information on their future companies.

Recruiter observations: --

Jobseeker observations: It’s easy to create a profile, which looks sort of like the company pages. To apply to job offers, you don’t need one though.

The job offers: On the website, there are currently 13 companies and 155 job offers.

Reactivity: It took the team over a day to answer but they were quite helpful when they did.

Special features: The YouTube videos; the magazine (which is essentially the blog, in different sections, but no new articles since last year); the number of people who liked an article (represented by a heart); the B2B section (which belongs to Staufenbiel Institute. Events, guides and online services); the feedback options.

Verdict: Even if the design to Staufenbiel is interesting, too many things are missing! How do recruiters create an account? What’s the history behind the company? What are the prices? On top of that, the strange choice of font and colours are hard on the eyes. It remains a popular choice in Germany, but less so in Switzerland.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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Marketing activities

Print: Campaigns in our career publications, billboard advertising Online: Email-Marketing, Google Adwords, banner, on-site marketing Events: Recruitment fairs, campus marketing

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Media Partners

Staufenbiel Institute has multipliers at all universities and polytechnics in Switzerland, that order and recommend publications consistently. Furthermore Staufenbiel Institute is present at recruiting fairs and collaborates with student organisations. There are existing online cooperations with numerous bigger and smaller partners.


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