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Norway's largest marketplace, AS was established in March 2000. specializes in ads and services for purchases and sales between private individuals and small and large businesses. Today the service is visited by more than 4.1 million unique users each month, who each spend an average of 17 minutes on this popular service. is an subsidiary within the international company Schibsted Media Group. FINN is the number one online-marketplace and one of the largest websites in Norway with approx. 3,5 million unique visitors a week. FINN have different departments within the areas of jobs, travel, property, motor-vehicles and consumer goods.
FINN Job has about 80% of the market share and are the preferred partner for most of the companies recruitment in Norway. With this leading role we take our responsibility very serious and work close together with are partner costumers to get the most out of potential within our recruitment website.

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Summary: Seek and you shall Finn, and by that, I mean, “find”. Created in 1996, Finn used to be partially owned by to the Norwegian newspaper, Adresseavisen, until they sold their shares to Schibsted Media Group (90,01%) in 2010. Polaris Media also owns a part of the shares (9,99%). Who wouldn’t want a part of the action of a classifieds job board, which is the 5th most active website in Norway and gets 48.6 million visits per month? They have 238 526 followers on Facebook, 16 600 on LinkedIn and 9 150 on YouTube but they are hard to find on Twitter (the Finn Technology page only has about 930 followers). As a classifieds website, they offer all kinds of services, but job offers is part of the oldest sections, created in 2000. They have invested in TV adverts, like the “kan kitten, kan du” ones, which are rather cute to watch, and some really funny videos on YouTube.

Design: The jobs homepage is mostly white with a bit of light blue, and it features some articles and some company profiles. To access the job listing, you can use the search engine or click on “all jobs”, “companies” or “manager jobs”. You can view the offers in a list form, a grid or on the map. Each job offer has the company name, the logo (Finn can also provide an image but it is rather rare), the job title, the publication date, the location and the number of available jobs. To help find the right position, you can use the filters (the publication date, the job, the industry, the location, the type of employment, fulltime or part time, the sector, category leader and deadline, with the number of jobs in brackets) and you can display the results in order of the most relevant, the most recent, the employer (which doesn’t really seem to put them in any particular order), the location or the closest offers. A job offer indicates the job description (which takes up most of the page); the deadline, contact information and “follow this company button (on the right-hand side); about the company, keywords and similar jobs (at the bottom). Company pages usually include photos, videos, available jobs and the number of followers. The layout is very attractive.

The job board objective: Find exactly what you need on Finn, be it a job or an employee.

Recruiter observations: Depending on how many adverts you would like to post, you need to contact the website to create an account and for pricing information. Otherwise, you can create an account easily. By becoming a Schiebsted customer, you also become a customer of a number of big groups, but you do need an organization number. They offer easier payment solutions like EID payment but you need to have a Norwegian or Swedish phone.

Jobseeker observations: It is very easy to create an account and to upload your CV. They ask many questions (your current or last job, for example) but you do not need to answer them. For some job offers, you are redirected to the company website.

The job offers: Finn is good at branding and has job offers in a variety of industries (engineering, health and sales industries at the top of the list), no older than about a month.

Reactivity: They respond within an hour or so (in Norwegian).

Special features: the icons; the JobMatch; the map; the “kan katten, kan du” adverts; company following; the “at Finn, you will find everything, except this page” message; the helpful icons; the new blog.

Verdict: Considering the website’s popularity and the vast range of job offers in all of the industries (except maybe the artistic fields), Finn is an obvious advertising choice when in Norway. Furthermore, even though the site is only available in Norwegian, it is very accessible thanks to the different icons for services and pages.


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