Call for tender and proposal - RFQ

Jobboard Finder and Aktor Interactive allow recruiters to request a quotation.
This service is only available for the recruitment agencies and huge enterprises for their international recruitment needs.

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Call for tender by Jobboard Finder


This section is for offers for bidders looking to obtain a service contract. If you are looking to connect with Jobboard Finder, whereby we buy a number of job adverts on your behalf and manage your recruitment campaign needs, this section is for you.

Definition : Call For tender

A Call for Tender is the process by which a company invites potential suppliers to submit offers for the execution of a contract. A Call for Tender is also called Request for Quotation (RFQ).

Criteria to be eligible for this service

Who is it for ?

This is aimed at you if you are a buyer, recruitment professional or marketing personnel in : an internationally developed business A company which is running a project overseas, an institution looking to add diversity to its workforce through new, worldwide talent.


You need to recruit in many countries around the world.


You have a significant recruitment campaign every year.


You are in the process of analyzing the competition / Benchmark.


You are in the process of competing solutions and market prices.


You have already a bill of specifications or you want to build one.


You are the buyer, the decision maker or the data analyst.

Media offer and quotation analysis

How to apply ?

To apply, you should have preferably ...

  • A recruitment need to fill 20 or more posts
  • Set up a call for recruitment media bid here
  • Fill in the form as accurately as possible so that all the necessary documents are collected at the meeting

What we offer ?

  • Coordination and evaluation of recruitment media
  • Definition and explanation of the budget needed for your requirements
  • Negotiation of the best prices and discussion of mixed media
  • Recruitment media purchase plan, be this with or without commitment, a bundle-pack purchase, including programming…
  • Management and execution of campaign on your chosen media

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