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Site's statement is Scandinavia's largest tech site with over 200 000 unique vistors in Sweden every week. writes about the latest in the world of tech, gadgets, software and science. The typical reader is a man occupied within IT industry.

The Jobboard is found via the link "Jobb" at the top right corner of or you could enter the jobboard directly by typing

Jobboard Finder’s opinion is the largest tech site in Scandinavia and has a job section. Job offers are of good quality and published under the name of employers and not recruitment agencies. According to SimilarWeb data, the audience was very stable until March 2015 with about 4 million visitors every month. However the traffic has had a sharp decrease since April 2015 and has now on average 1.2 million visitors per month. We would definitely recommend that website if you are looking for a job or a candidate in that specific sector in that specific area.

Sweden recruitment market status

The job market is one among the strongest in the world and there is always demand for skilled workers specially in the service industry. It excels as women are a key part of the labour force and retirement age is late. In short it has a healthy market with plenty of openings for a range of professionals. 

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Feber is a partner of the HR North Sweden AB Group.

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