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Malta's Leading Online Recruitment Portal

Through the web based platform - (launched in 1999) - we manage to reach out to a wide audience of career seekers which allows us to respond quickly and effectively to clients’ requests. In fact, our Job Postings service will get you in touch with over 24,000 active job seekers looking for a career. Holding a database of 42,000 CVs across all fields, sectors and nationalities, our most popular recruitment solutions are the Recruitment Database Search and Job Postings.

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Summary: Created in 1999, VacancyCentre is operated by CSB Group, a Malta based corportate services provide, which has been active for over 30 years. You can find articles about the group on Times of Malta and photos of the team on the website. On social media, VacancyCentre has 2 659 followers on LinkedIn, 11 517 on Facebook and 106 on Twitter (nothing new since 2017). According to EasyCounter, about 16 500 people visit the site each month. The job board focuses on a limited number of categories: administration, IT, online gaming, financial services, legal and compliance, sales and marketing.

Design: On the homepage, the search engine (keywords, category) is in clear sight over a changing backdrop of images. The company also features some of its other services: uploading a CV, calculating your salary, submitting a vacancy. Articles and recent job offers are also on the homepage. In the job listing, there are only two additional filters (industry, category) to cull the offers. There are no publication dates or logos in the listing and the job offer layout is standardized. You have an introduction, the organisation, the functions, requirements, the offer and (sometimes) additional information. Each offer is also attributed to a consultant from the team.

The job board objective: More than just a job board, VacancyCentre offers a recruitment agency service to jobseekers and recruiters.

Recruiter observations: To post through VacancyCentre, you must send your job offer through to the  team. There is a CV database and you can find the prices online.

Jobseeker observations: Jobseekers don’t need an account to apply for jobs; they can simply fill out the online form. Contact information is available for each offer, to discuss the vacancies with a consultant on the team. Your gender is part of the required fields when applying for an offer.

The job offers: There are currently 5 324 job offers online.

Reactivity: --

Special features: The blog (for recruiters and jobseekers – the employment law and corporate social responsibility are just some of the categories); the videos; the salary calculator (to determine your monthly/weekly/yearly salary, insurance and tax); the testimonials; “your consultant” (for each job offer).

Verdict: Even if the traffic isn’t exceedingly high, VacancyCentre knows the ins and outs of recruiting in Malta. Since each offer has its very own consultant, it’s safe to say that the recruitment process is a part of the posting offer, ensuring a more active approach.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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