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StepStone is one of Denmark’s leading suppliers of online career services and advertising solutions. We focus on creating the perfect match between qualified candidates and recruiting companies.

StepStone is still a part of The Network and thus we provide online advertising across more than 140 countries, including 37 European countries. The Network has more than 208 million visitors and more than 299,000 jobs every month.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

StepStone Denmark is a generalist website in Denmark. It is not the number 1 but according to SimilarWeb Stepstone ranks among the top 10 of the most visited job boards in Denmark. The design of Stepstone Denmark is different from the other Stepstone websites (Germany, Sweden ...), it is more modern and clearer. Job offers are few but seem to be of good quality. A translation of the website into English would be great! Stepstone Denmark can be used as an additional job board for your recruitment campaigns.

Stepstone is strong in the Scandinavian region in general; the job site is good in combination with national leaders for a strengthened visibility or as a stand-alone. With good employment conditions and low unemployment in this market, it is also worth considering advertising in neighbouring markets.

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Marketing activities

As an online business StepStone works mainly with online communication tools: - search engine marketing - online partnerships - online advertising - electronic DM and newsletters - social media marketing next to the online activities, StepStone is present on print media and events. The goal of StepStone marketing campaigns is to drive quality job seekers with profiles matching our customers’ job offers.

Aggregators &
Media Partners

StepStone has a partnership with many strong players in the market eg. Business Danmark and Jobindex.

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