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StudentJob is a job portal focusing mainly on the employment of students and graduates.

Our job board is specialised in providing part-time jobs, full time jobs, summer jobs, internships,  trainee programs and even voluntary work. StudentJob is internationally engaged and found his origin in The Netherlands, currently our services can be found in France, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden and of course Belgium. It is our ambition to bring students all over Europe in touch with their potential employers.

We are dedicated to making the job search and job process as fast and easy as possible and that’s why we connect so well with students all around Europe. Currently we have over 172.000 active users in Belgium and more than 4,6 million registered students in Europe.

Recruiters can easily place ads on our website and take the advantage of our online marketing activities. In addition, we make sure to connect the right candidates from our database to target your ads. On top of this we also provide services in regard to employer branding.

For further information on StudentJob Belgium, take a look on our website:

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

Promoting StudentJob International in all our active countries, by partnering with other jobboards to reach more people in Europe.

We also promote our services via several social media accounts. So is Facebook, Twitter and our Instagram a valuable source to connect with our student database.


Latest innovations

Search Engine Optimization towards student requirements.

Improved search system on zip-codes on the website and included vacancies per city! Which are now easily accessed! 

Aggregators &
Media Partners

YoungCapital is the mother company of StudentJob International and is therefore our main Media Partner.

Thanks to them we have a lot of reach in the general market

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