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Founded in 2000, CV Online is the clear market-leading recruitment solutions company in Lithuania. As both the number one jobs portal and full-service recruitment agency in the country, we offer a wide range of resourcing solutions for companies of all sizes and in all sectors – with a 67% penetration of the 24-35 year old market and the widest coverage amongst skilled workers and managers of all industries and age groups.

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Summary: CV Online is the Lithuanian version of an Estonian job board founded in 1999. Actually, the very first name was Amendion when the three founders Randel Min, Jürgen Tamm et Jüri Kajlundi launched the site. Thanks to investments from LHV and Esther Dyson, it expanded quite rapidly later on. The name changed in September 2017 for the Estonian and Lativan version, which is explained in an article available on the homepage of the Estonian version of the site (founded in 1996). Since 2012, the group has belonged to Alma Media OYJ. The website is available in Russian, English and Lithuanian and each job offer appears in one of the three languages. Quite active on social media, Quite active on social media, CVOnline has 382 followers on Instagram, 1 690 on Linkedin, 1 220 on Twitter and 25 212 on Facebook (it shares its accounts with 210 people on Youtube follow the videos created by the team. The modern design of the website and the various services make CV Online a great job board, so it’s no surprise 612 940 views a month are recorded on SimilarWeb and that it is the 153rd most visited website in the country.

Design: The dominantly blue colour and Lithuania backdrop behind the search engine (keywords and the location) make for an uplifting website. There are two panels (employer, jobseeker) at the top of the page. For the employer panel, see below. For the jobseeker one, the page is separated into four other panels: best employers, the weekly offers, internships and the job adverts with a salary (where you can search only job offers with a salary). For each employer in the best employer section, there is a brief description of the company, accompanied by a video and the number of job offers available at the moment. In the job listing, you can see the company name, the job title, the location, the publication date and the expiry date. The filters are the salary (even if it is not visible, you can eliminate offers with a low salary), the category, the location, the city, the language, the publication date. The job offers can be sorted from newest to oldest, oldest to newest or in a random order. Unfortunately, the job offers appear as PDFs, which means Google cannot translate them. Finally, CV Online also have a company listing with clear information about all the recruiting companies.

The job board objective: The logo represents just what CV Online sets out to do: bring employers and candidates together to create a harmonious partnership.

Recruiter observations: In the employer panel, the prices, a number and testimonials encourage recruiters to advertise through CV Online. You can even browse the CV database (names are hidden), which has 19 705 male jobseekers and 25 297 female jobseekers. Though your account (easy to create), you can look through all the categories in the CV database before purchasing anything. Clear contact page with photos of the staff.

Jobseeker observations: To create an account, you can use Facebook, Linkedin or an e-mail address. As a rule, you don’t actually need an account to apply to job offers though. In fact, some of them require a specific application process. Job offers can include interview questions.

The job offers: There are 4 319 job offers (with more than 3 300 of those in Lithuanian and 900 in English).

Reactivity: They answer very quickly.

Special features: The clear GDPR information; the random order for the job offer sorting; job alerts; the next button; the Youtube videos; the salary calculator; the statistics; (which is only available in Estonian and Russian, but it should be available in English too soon – keywords at the bottom of the page); links to the partner job lists; the right work test (for different sectors); classifieds (job offers from Alio); the efficient sales test; the blog (in Lithuanian).

Verdict: It’s so easy to use CV Online. The only drawback is that job offers appear in PDFs, so they are difficult to translate. That said, it can help eliminate candidates who do not have the right language skills.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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As CV-Online is well known as labor market experts we are giving interviews and comments in different media channels: printed, online, TV, radio. WE are providing researches, writing articles, TIPs about job search, situation in labor market and etc. We usualy make campaigns such as "insert /update your CV - win ..." once per month. We participate in career days each year.

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Long-term cooperations with: SEM.LT- SEO, Google advertising, adclick - banners, - remarketing.,,, - all our job ads.


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