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Site's statement is the leading recruitment website in China, with the most registered members (over 81 million), the largest resume database (72 million), and the highest peak traffic (over 300 million average daily page views). On average, there are over 3.2 million job postings online, and approximately 38 million applications are delivered through to potential employers every week. According to industry reports by iResearch, has been ranked #1 in market share for several consecutive years and has received recognition from several industry watchers (e.g. CNNIC, Alexa and Euromonitor) honoring as "China's Most Influential Recruitment Website" and "World's 100 Best Chinese Websites."

51job is the most influential HR services provider in China. In September 2004, 51job successfully completed its IPO on Nasdaq, and is the first publicly listed firm in the field of HR services in China today.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

51job is one of the most popular job websites in China. The website design is very flashy, with many bright advertisements throughout the page, which makes it hard to find the information at the first glance.The design and user experience could be improved to give it a more refined aesthetic.

The job offers are varied in terms of positions and sectors.

A translation of the website into English would be appreciated by all international jobseekers and employers willing to do business in China as publishing a job listing on this site could be quite difficult for non-Chinese speaking recruiters.

China recruitment market status

Outsourcing the entire HR processes to recruitment solution providers has become one of the key trends in China.

China faces the challenge of attracting international talent because it provides less work opportunities for foreigners than developed countries

Recruitment restriction in China

  • You need to have a subsidiary or a company in China to post a job;
  • Business licence
  • Certificate of approval
  • Taxes registration certificate
  • Certificate of registration
  • A salary range is mandatory to post a job in China

Note that you can request for a quotation even if one or several informations above are missing.

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

51job Weekly: The only pan-China recruitment publication, with several millions of copies in circulation each week. Tens of thousands of distribution points covering newsstands, office buildings, job fairs and other targeted channels.

HR Forum: Since 2001, with around 1,000 participants annually, a premier HR event for HR professionals and senior management to come together to exchange information and share insights. Expert advice and practical experience sharing on recruitment, compensation and benefits, team and culture, labor laws and regulatory environment, performance management and other HR issues.

Latest innovations

A web-based HR ASP system designed to meet the recruitment and hiring management needs of corporations. Includes features such as job posting system with multi-department access control, resume bank search engine, applicant tracking and process management.

51job Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) offers a wide range of HR, payroll, tax and benefits administration solutions to corporations and their employees in China. 51job HRO covers a network of over 80 cities for thousands of companies operating in over 20 industries. 51job HRO can assist with the calculation and payment of social benefits, payroll processing, government and regulatory compliance, document collection and file maintenance and many other administrative tasks on both a national and local basis. In addition, through 51job HRO’s easy-to-use, web-based record keeping system, HR managers can track, monitor and compile employee data as well as create reports on demand. Adopting a “customer first” approach, 51job HRO’s team of service professionals will be your trusted partner in overcoming local labor problems and legal complexities.

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