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Site's statement

Crèchemploi, the first free job site dedicated to nursery professionals.
The right candidates for the right jobs

Crèchemploi (, an efficient and innovative recruitment:

  • Search for candidates: detection of adequate CVs among our own network, 30 CVs and 7 social networks
  • Affinity recruitment: in this type of recruitment, profiles are selected on their personality and their aspirations, beyond the simple CV.
  • Assisted recruitment: from profile research to a first interview of, Crèchemploi offers you a fine selection of candidates.

Employment for all

Our determination: Develop employment in early childhood! To do this, Crèchemploi has set up a website that broadcasts free job advertisements to 30,000 visitors each month. And to allow everyone to be at the top of the sector news, Crèchemploi launched a "webzine" (online magazine) dedicated to the sector.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Crechemploi is a French job board:

  • Unfortunately, the site is only available in French which is not very helpful for international users 
  • The site design is attractive and quite clear 
  • On the homepage there is a lot of information, including a list of recently published job offers, a small list of top jobs, and a short testimonial section for happy users
  • You can use the map to zoom and view offers in a certain region
  • Or you can do a general search or even an advanced search using the search engine and the filters available; area, job category, or key words
  • There is a clear date of publication for the job ads, so we can assure that the job ads are regularly updated and recent
  • There is also a blog page created by Crechemploi which has advice for job seekers.

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

En cette année 2016, nous avons eu le plaisir de publier une étude réalisée par Crèchemploi sur les formations dans la petite enfance.

"30 questions que vous vous posez dans la petite enfance" retrace toutes les questions que se posent les candidats autour de la crèche. Cette étude a été réalisée en collaboration avec des gestionnaires de grands groupes.


Latest innovations

 Two apps available : job APP for iOS and job APP for Android

Aggregators &
Media Partners

FNEJE, Les grands rendez-vous de la petite enfance, Espace Concours, Babilou, FNAPPE, Crèche Attitude, La Maison Bleue, ABC Puériculture

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