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Yenibiris Presentation

Site's statement content offered by individual members of the career guidance and personal development. Continuously updated technology produces solutions for individual and corporate members to facilitate and accelerate the job search process for candidates.

Yenibiriş offers Internet-based selection and evaluation services for more than 155 companies in different sizes and sectors, from large and multinational companies to medium and small sized companies.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Yenebris is a popular Turkish job board: 

  • There is no English language option on the site which is quite difficult for international users who want to post on or even just navigate around the site.
  • The job offers on the site come from a wide variety of job sectors and are updated regularly. 
  • The filters available to narrow down your search are very effective and diverse which makes the whole user experience more convenient. 
  • On the homepage there are a list of featured job offers 
  • You can also do a quick search from the homepage according to sector, job category, and location etc.
  • Or you can do a general search and then narrrow the results down after with filters 

Turkey recruitment market status

The employment laws are very strict and less than 20% of population speak English. Employment opportunities for foreigners in Turkey are limited. Most of the openings here are in tourism and teaching sector for foreigners and knowing Turkish is a major asset though not a job requirement. 

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

Monthly average of 2 million 500 thousand unique visitors are visited by the membership; Instantly create jobs may immediately start receiving the application, the applicant can assess filter and can communicate with candidates.

Feedback from our users and continuously improved in line with requests and with enriched services, "Recruitment" your process as soon as possible will help you to complete a minimum effort and cost. You choose your candidate, your rate review process and saves time.

Latest innovations guides the career and personal development of individual members with the content they offer. With its constantly renewing technology, it produces solutions for accelerating and facilitating job and candidate search processes of individual and institutional members.

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Janet Hurink  - Jobseeker  - 14 reviews
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Janet Hurink comment :

The place to find a work in Turkey! I found mine thanks to my Turkish language level. I recommend it.
Rated on 09-06-2017

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