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Since our debut on 24 March 2006, STJobs (previously ST701 Jobs) has been an engaging, trusted and relevant online portal to both job seekers and employers.

The Ideal Job is out there for everyone at STJobs

Job seekers have access to more than 50, 000 employers in our portal. This adds up to a rough estimate of over 30, 000 jobs at any one time, spanning industries from finance to oil and gas and covering a spectrum of full-time, part-time and temp positions.

At STJobs, we pride ourselves in offering a balance of quality and quantity in our job positions while delivering the ultimate online user experience.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

ST Jobs is a popular job board for Singapore:

  • The design and user experience of the website is very good.
  • On the homepage you can choose from a list of recommended jobs and featued employers who use the site regularly to find applicants 
  • You can also seach jobs by function and look at the latest recruitment news on the homepage
  • When you do a general search, there is no option to narrow down the results with filters, unforunately, you can only use the search engine 
  • There is a clear date of publication on the job postings, so we can be sure that these offers are regularly updated and recent
  • The tool section is relevant and useful for job seekers with features such as salary benchmark, payrise calculator and various tests. 

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

As regular marketing activities, STJobs is very active on social media or more particularly on Facebook. The Facebook Fan page counts more than 220,000 fans.

STJobs also organizes workshops and seminars.

Aggregators &
Media Partners

We have the privilege of an exclusive working relationship with SPH print (17 newspaper titles and over 100 magazines) and new media websites so that you can leverage on an integrated mix of advertising solutions across all platforms.


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Rated on 25-03-2015

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