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Site's statement is the world famous Marketplace for local classifieds categories. allows recruiters to post a job localy or internationaly and reach a global audience around the world. The OLX job portal i Poland is one of the biggest of the market and is the most suitable media for the "job bing" professions. (Cashier, office administration, Hostess, Warehouse Worker, Driver or cleaning jobs).

The OLX group in few key numbers : 17 brands. 40 countries. 5000 people. One mindset.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Created in 2006 by Fabrice Grinda and Alec Oxenford, OLX Group has definitely changed the online world for many countries, Pakistan, Brazil, India, Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal and the Ukraine, to name a few. Since 2010, Naspers (a South African media group) has provided a big part of their resources to help compete with the Schiebsted in countries like Brazil, and now Naspers owns 95% of the company. When OLX was first launched, they popped up all over the world and waited to see who would bite. Then, they focused on developing their classifieds website in the countries that responded best. Today, the OLX in Poland is the 8th most popular website and gets 141.05M visits per month. Having invested a lot in television adverts, you can be sure that OLX is well-known in a large number of countries worldwide.

Design: The lollylike logo and cute icons make it easy to navigate around the website, even if you don’t speak Polish. In the job section, the search engine is in two parts (keywords and location) or you can chose from a category just below. Then, the filters appear (keywords, industry, type of contract, special needs, fulltime or part time, license needed for the driving offers). Each job offer includes the location, the type of contract, the special needs, the hours and the publication date and time (all required fields). For some, a company logo is also visible. The job “title” can be a word or a sentence describing what the person is looking for. “Star jobs” appear above all the others, and you can scroll through the list of categories in the filters (which also indicates the jobs per category).

The job board objective: Olx’s focus has been on providing developing countries with a clear and handy classifieds website.

Recruiter observations: Since it is a classifieds website, the job offers are very casual. You do need to fill in a certain number of required fields (see above) and you can include additional forms. Once you’ve created your advert, the website shows you the different payment options (with additional add-ons) and you can put money on your account. Something a bit unusual is that you can refresh and boost other people’s adverts. The “star jobs” guarantees better visibility. For any insistant or abusive candidates, you can block their messages.

Jobseeker observations: You can sign up with your Facebook account or just an e-mail address. The design is very casual, so you can just send an e-mail to the person who posted the job offer, or even call them if they have provided a phone number.

The job offers: Some vacancies are featured as “star jobs” (depending on the purchased package). As for the job offers, there are currently 106272 job offers (with thousands of new postings every day). Production, waitressing and driving jobs are the most popular categories with over 10 000 job offers each. HR and flyer distribution are at the bottom of the list.

Reactivity: A lot of automatic messages from the website. It is difficult to find a contact number or e-mail address. It is difficult to find a contact number or e-mail address. We recommend going to the “help” section.

Special features: the mobile app (more than half the global traffic comes from the app); the blog (updated but not necessarily work related); cute illustrated “how it works” section; “star jobs”; the “refresh this offer” button; information on previous postings from the user and how long they have been on the website.

Verdict: Olx is great for finding local jobs, which do not require any particular education. Like most classified website, Olx makes it easier for people to connect with other people and for them to provide or request services.

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