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As we’ve been on job market since 2001, we understand topical problems in this field like no one else. Many years of experience and collaboration with thousands of applicants and employers allowed us to create an effective career and talent management tool that we are glad to offer you.

As an employer, you obtain a fast and easy-to-use tool to hire professionals. We have done our best to make the process of hiring employees easier and as little time-consuming as possible. During the registration you create your company page where potential applicants can see your open vacancies and subscribe for new openings. All the data available is structured, that makes it easy to manage the applicants or search for an employee. And since is mobile friendly you can do it even on the go from your smartphone or tablet..

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: is an Armenian job board that recently underwent a makeover once the team realised that humans are like fish. We swim in the job market, looking to work with similar-minded people, like fish (apparently). Indeed, the logo is a fish, which explains the weird letter arrangement for the word “job” on the homepage. In fact, you can actually see the fish face appear on the Facebook page. The idea is definitely original and the design is appealing. The website was created in 2001, but it’s difficult to find more information about its history. That hasn’t stopped 1 587 Twitter followers, 53 368 Facebook followers and 239 Linkedin ones from keeping tabs on the job board’s activity. It is even present on Telegram (a chat app). Every month, about 60 670 visits are recorded by SimilarWeb.

Design: The homepage is broken up into seven parts: the search engine (keywords) at the top of the page, featured job offers, the jobseeker and recruiter logins, a focus on the jobseeker advantages, a focus on the recruiter advantages, the partners and the blog. The design is clear and rather humorous thanks to the fish drawings. Unfortunately, the only filters are the location and the industry, but there are less than 50 offers, so the filters aren’t necessary.

The job board objective: wants you to “be the big fish in the job ocean”, by offering its users interesting job opportunities.

Recruiter observations: Job offers can be posted in English or Armenian. You can include the salary. The website provides subheadings for the job description (description, responsibilities, requirements, and additional notes) but you can restructure your advert if you wish to.

Jobseeker observations: For most job offers, contact details are available so you don’t need an account. If you decide to create one anyway,

The job offers: There are currently 44 job offers, and only two of them are not in the capital city. Sales has the most job offers by far.

Reactivity: They are very helpful and answer quickly.

Special features: The blog; the CV templates (in English and Armenian); the courses (with links you cannot click on); cover letter advice; the helpful guide throughout the job offer creation; the fish logo.

Verdict: Despite the attractive new design, the English option and the simplicity of the website, still has some work to do. More job offers would be great! That said, we appreciate the efforts. The website will surely take off, as long as they “just keep swimming” (Dora from Nemo).

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