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Simply Hotel Jobs is the number 1 site for jobseekers looking to secure their dream job in the hotel and hospitality sector. Whether you are looking for a hotel vacancy or have a job in a hotel to fill, Simply Hotel Jobs is here for you. specialises in matching the right person to the right role and provides all the tools and functionality a jobseeker will need.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Ian Partington, the CEO and founder of the SimplyJobs job boards, is behind the SimplyhotelJobs niche job board in the UK. It was created in 2009 (but the others were created in 2003) and it focuses on jobs in hotels. On social media, the site has a small group of followers: 1 473 on Linkedin, 817 on Twitter (no updates since 2016) and 1 333 on Facebook (no updates since 2017). About 7 670 visits are recorded on SimilarWeb every month, which is better than unknown visibility. There are aspects of the site that could use some improving, as you’ll soon find out.

Design: The dominant colour is light blue and the logo is stars (like a hotel rating). The homepage includes images rather than photos and is mostly made up of different groups of jobs: featured employers, recommended jobs, last viewed jobs, latest jobs and popular searches. To access the job listing, you can use the groups or the search engine (keywords and the location). From there, you can use the filters (the location, the job category, the job types, the company type, the employer type, the sector and the last updates – with the number of offers per category in brackets) to cull the job offers. Similar jobs appear next to the open job offer with easy-to-use scroll buttons. According to the website, only 11 or so offers haven’t been updated within the last month. However, from the listing, looking through the job offers backwards seems to contradict the filters. Finally, there are expiry dates (indicated above the offer), which is always reassuring when unsure about how the offers are updated.

The job board objective: SimplyHotelJobs hopes to make it simple to find jobs in hotels, and the best staff for hotels.

Recruiter observations: The prices are available on the site. To create your job advert, you can purchase a package online and just fill out some basic information about yourself and the company. However, if you have an account on a sister account, you are already registered but you can’t use your account. In that case, you will have to call the team.

Jobseeker observations: To apply to job offers, you need an account. When registering, the page kept coming up as “error” for us.

The job offers: There are 3 152 job offers on the website. Most of the job offers are for chef and catering, waitressing, housekeeping and receptionist positions.

Reactivity: The team answers quickly.

Special features: The Christmas theme (and falling snow); the blog (no updates since January 2016); the flexible work survey; clear GDPR info; your recently viewed jobs; job alerts; the partner aggregators; the guide (which is just an advertisement for their job boards).

Verdict: Despite an appealing layout, it’s difficult to overlook the absence of the https:// security, the malfunctioning pages and the abandoned social media. SimplyHotelJobs is in dire need of some updates! Maybe turning to some of the sisters sites could help.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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