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Thanks to its integrated system of press, web and HR services, Trovolavoro provides exhaustive recruitment solutions and products, tailored to your company’s individual needs.

Trovolavoro is the only recruitment service provider that takes advantage of the communication power and the prestige of two important Italian media: Corriere della Sera and

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Despite its name, TrovoLavoro (I find work) comes up as when you look for it because it is the generalist job bard for Corriere della Serra (a newspaper online). They belong to the RCS media group, which was founded in 2003. The media group has had many ups and downs over the years (despite partnering up with other groups like Mascus, owend by AlmaMedia) and its website is not https:// secure. That said, It does have recent press releases though, and even articles, and they continue to run many different media sources. The job board has terrible visibility on SimilarWeb and it’s listed in Chile, but for what it’s worth, is the 19th most visited website in Italy with 91.66M views per month. They have 12 535 followers on Linkedin and 21 900 on Twitter but both have been abandoned since April. Only Facebook (124 011 followers) continues to post information.

Design: The dominantly orange colour makes for an aesthetically appealing website. The backdrop on the homepage is interesting because it shows four people all using different devices or tools to read up about jobs. To access the job offers, you can use the search engine (keywords and location) or through one of the featured categories (information technology, sales, foreign, head of social media). The blog articles and company pages (some are just a list of jobs) are surprisingly disappointing but the other job listing does more than make up for it. You have a number of filters (the publication date, the location, the sector, the profession, the type of contract, the level of education) and the number of jobs per category is in brackets. In the listing, the job title, the company, the location and the publication date are visible. Each job offer is quite straight-forward, with a very short description, important information and similar positions underneath. Some job offers a featured above the others.

The job board objective: Clearly Trovolavoro wants to help you find a job!

Recruiter observations: As a recruiter, the company type, the postcode, the fiscal number and the tax number are all required. The good news is they include information about packages on their website and you can choose the consultant you want to talk to (photos and names are visible).

Jobseeker observations: It’s relatively easy to create an account but there are a number of required fields, including the CV and the location (which needs to be in Italy). When applying for job offers, you just click on apply and your application is sent!

The job offers: Most of the job offers are in production and sales, mostly in the sectors dealing with metal. There are currently 3345 job offers, most of them require a diploma. There are also courses (marketing and administration are the most popular).


Special features: job alerts; the blog (there are no dates and the layout is very unpleasant); the links to English courses; the company listing; CV improvement packages.

Verdict: Despite the ambiguous visibility, using Trovolavoro makes for a pleasant experience, which is not always the case when on Italian job boards. We recommend it for its honesty and its simplicity (but not for its branding).

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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Janet Hurink  - Jobseeker  - 14 reviews
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Janet Hurink comment :

Best job board in Italy in my opinion. i founded my work on it. However, you have to speak italian.
Rated on 15-03-2017

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