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Our main objective is to create the best job board for users in Polish market. Thanks to our day-to-day work and commitment, infoPraca is perceived by its users as an efficient and reliable partner.

We aim to strengthen the prestige of the infoPraca brand name by providing top-notch professional services and meeting our clients' expectations and needs.

We implement the most innovative solutions and functionalities - the result of our cooperation with worldwide leaders in IT technologies, and we believe it is crucial to constantly improve our service.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: InfoPraca (meaning “InfoJob”) is a well-known job board in Poland with 1.92M views per month. Founded in 2005, they belong to Intercom World Wide (or Grupo Intercom, which is the same thing) which is based in Spain and privately owned with job boards in India, Austria, Italy and Poland. In 2008, Intercom World Wide officially registered a trademark, Careesma, to unify the different job boards (which half-explains why the InfoPraca logo changed after 2008). InfoPraca has 78 432 followers on Facebook but only 1567 on Twitter (which hasn’t been updated for a year). Though it’s available in English, it is still a work in progress with some parts not translated and others that are only partially translated.

Design: The colours are cheerful (mostly white, yellow and turquoise green for the image backdrop). The search bar lets you enter a keyword and a location (or try an advanced search). Images of workers in various fields occupies most of the homepage, followed by a section on the mobile app. A similar design is used by Gazeta Praca and but it’s a bit of a shame that some sections seem to just fill up the page with repetitive links to make the job board seem more complex. The job offers have no images as a rule, but some do have a personalised backdrop or a quick link to the company description. And as for the categories on the right-hand side to help filter the jobs (city, region, country, industry, education, type of contract, publication date), they aren’t in boxes but a number of available jobs per different sub-category is in brackets. Pop-ups help fund the page (so expect to see quite a few).

The job board objective: According to InfoPraca (and on a larger scale, Careesma), they aim to send people to work with a smile by getting them the right job.  

Recruiter observations: Recruiters can’t create an account until they’ve discussed their recruitment needs over the phone. The prices are clearly indicated on the website but even if you decide to order one of the packages, you will still need to discuss your advertising needs. Also, be wary of what you read: the job board claims to have a list of big companies hiring with them, but we couldn’t find any adverts for a number of them, so the information is misleading. Furthermore, a lot of the featured SME and consultant jobs don’t exist anymore.

Jobseeker observations: You need to be logged in to apply to jobs. You can save up to 5 different resumes which can be handy. Depending on the job, you can apply though the job board or you are redirected to the website. All you have to do is send in a CV and complete the cover letter section. Easy!

The job offers: There are currently 18 306 jobs on the website, but only 134 jobs come up if you type in “Poland” (hopefully it’s just a mistake) and yet, there are 611 jobs listed for Germany. The categories with the most offers include manufacturing and teaching jobs.

Reactivity: They send automatic messages but we’re still waiting for a real response.

Special features: Two separate blogs (the English version is not updated; neither are https); personalized job alerts; resume list; CV preselection (apparently).

Verdict: It would be wrong to assume InfoPraca is inefficient (especially since they do advertise on popular websites like, 12th most popular website in Poland), but the job board could use improving. They clearly attract attention from Polish jobseekers and recruiters (and from German ones too!). Unfortunately, the website needs to be updated more frequently.

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