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Site's statement is the first Polish recruitment platform for students and graduates using the world's largest network of contacts to promote your jobs, internships, which is significantly increasing their effectiveness. is website enabling companies and Polish young graduates to meet together. The website counts several thousands job offers in different sectors of activities.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Created in 2011, Absolvent (which means “graduate” in German and Romanian – “absolwent” in Polish) was designed for young workers fresh out of university. The founders, Dominik Wiegand and Katarzyna Godlewska, were both graduates at the time and felt like they couldn’t find what they needed in the Polish job market so they wanted to help others with their search. By using social media to expand, the specialist job board now has 35 861 followers on Facebook 1188 followers on Linkedin (under the company name Grupa Absolvent), as well as an Absolvent Talent Day salon, which you can attend if you are in some way involved in education (a student or a teacher) and which attracts many different companies. Their website includes links to articles published about their success and partner websites specialised in talent scouting and branding. According to SimilarWeb, their web activity has dropped to 417 080 visits per month but Absolvent has many positive things to offer jobseekers and recruiters alike.

Design: The homepage is clear: the search bar in two parts (keyword and location) covers the top of the page and a list of job offers (each indicating the job title, the company, the location and the deadline for applications) next to featured companies occupies the rest of it. The logo is a paper areophane, reminiscent of school and symbolizing discovery. Each job offer is customized (photos, layouts and colour schemes can all be altered). Companies have a “profile”, complete with a profile photo (logo), a backdrop, a description of the company, reviews from employees and job offers. Contact information and “similar companies” are listed on the side, as are star ratings (ambiance, pay, etc.). The only filters are the location and industry, but there is a lot of feedback about the companies (6299 reviews, 2873 employee interviews) and the number of job per category is in brackets.

The job board objective: Designed by graduates for graduates. Absolvent is all about showing big companies the youth can be very professional when it comes to business. They also aim to prove that social network can be a useful careerbuilding tool.

Recruiter observations: You need to send the team your details and they call you back. The company brand is a feature on this job board, so big companies with more feedback will get more attention than unknown brands.

Jobseeker observations: It is very easy to apply to openings because you can apply with or without an account (absolvent also redirects you to the company website for some offers). Moreover, if you make it to the interview stage of the recruitment process, you will already have an idea of what to expect thanks to the feedback on the interview procedure.

The job offers: 4135 offers available (201 are internships or courses and the 3934 are jobs). The most popular industries are IT and administrational jobs.

Reactivity: Still waiting.

Special features: Clear GDPR information; the blog; ratings; reviews; interview procedure.

Verdict: The job board has an easy-to-use design, but you would expect an English version of a job board for graduates to be available. Their efforts in transparency (photos of the team, reviews from employees) is commendable but a bit more reactivity would be appreciated. That said, Absolvent is a useful website for any graduates looking for work in Poland.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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