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Jobsite for those hoping to work for a global company using their language ability. “”

Since opened its proverbial doors in 1998 in Japan, it has since become a jobsite specializing in bilingual talent used in 27 countries including China as well as nations located in North America and Europe. Fifteen years after our creation, we are valued highly for our reliability and track record by over 3,270 companies which we have helped to fulfill their bilingual talent staffing needs. The Chinese version of our website was released in 2012, designed to support the upsurge in Chinese professionals. By offering in Japanese, English and Chinese, your company will be able to leverage our strengths in your recruitment strategy.


Jobboard Finder’s opinion is good job board for job seekers and recruiters in Japan and all around the world:

  • The design of the site is modern and it is easy to navigate
  • This site is available in Japanese and in English so it is interesting for local and international users
  • You can do a quick search according to country, language, job category or keyword
  • Or you can do a general search and then narrow the results down by job category in Japan, job category in the world, by industry and even by language. 
  • The job postings have a clear date of publication on them; so we can safely say that this job board is regularly updated and recent
  • On the homepage there are also jobs recommendations and the latest job offers, plus carrer advice
  • Be careful, the website is bit demanding in terms of job options, and they sometimes refuse adverts of part time jobs, of freelance, and they want the salary per month. 

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

Ad campaign in web such as Google Adwords, Facebook, Linkedin, printing such as Newspaper,  and outdoor advertising. host a career fair event for busilingual professionals in Japan targeting both Japanese and foreigner.

Daijob Global Recruiting Co., Ltd., a company operating, is the Platinum Sponsor for the 23rd Japan Market Expansion Competition in Japan for many years. This business program provides competitive practical business training for up-and coming business executives by helping to expand the business activities of foreign companies in the Japanese market. There will be approximately 60 bilingual professionals attending this annual program which lasts for 8 months. The entire program will be in English, and the attendees will be split into teams and construct a business proposal.

Daijob participates global event for Women in business“WINConference Tokyo2016” as an organizational partner and is contributing to the increase of female global leadership development and diversity enterprises.


Aggregators &
Media Partners has joined The Network, a German Non-profit organization that facilitates a global network made up by the local top job boards.

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