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Jobsite for those hoping to work for a global company using their language ability. “”

Since opened its proverbial doors in 1998 in Japan, it has since become a jobsite specializing in bilingual talent used in 27 countries including China as well as nations located in North America and Europe. Fifteen years after our creation, we are valued highly for our reliability and track record by over 3,270 companies which we have helped to fulfill their bilingual talent staffing needs. The Chinese version of our website was released in 2012, designed to support the upsurge in Chinese professionals. By offering in Japanese, English and Chinese, your company will be able to leverage our strengths in your recruitment strategy.


Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Since 1998, Daijob, a language specialist job board in Japan, has changed names and merged with different companies over the years. It currently belongs to the At Human group (Human), which focuses on education. Daijob currently attracts about 223 780 visits a month and only 38% of those are from Japan. The site is available in English and Japanese and it has a number of followers on Linkedin (2 773) and Facebook (13 651) but none on Twitter.

Design: Unlike some other Asian job sites, Daijob manages to keep the information clear, even if the colour scheme could be considered slightly outdated. You can use the quick search engine (country, language, category and keywords) on the homepage or the different panels to select the right keywords (job categories in Japan, job categories in the world, the industry and the language). On the side is a list of “Hot agents” (or top companies), which also appear alongside the job listing. The rest of the homepage displays some job offers, companies (new arrivals and featured companies) and a few articles, as well as some general information on the website. In the listing, the offers appear as large squares, including the location, the salary information, the Japanese level and a job description. Once opened, the job offer information is broken down into clear sections, including the working hours, the holidays, the English and Japanese levels and contact information. The filters include the employer type, the job category, the industry, the desired salary, the location, the language level, the position level, the special features and the language preferences for the job ad. Ads and company pages appear in Japanese or English.

The job board objective: As a multilingual job board, Daijob aims to put bilingual candidates in contact with recruiters looking for their skill set.

Recruiter observations: Recruiters can use the database quick search to gain an idea of what CVs are in the database (they can cull by the job title, the level of Japanese, the level of English and the last salary). To create an account, you actually need to fill out an inquiry form.

Jobseeker observations: If connected through Facebook, you can like the job offers (and it will appear on your Facebook). It’s easy to create an account, but the online resume is a bit tedious. To sign up for the job alerts or to apply to jobs, you need to fill out your online CV, including your gender, your age, your last salary, your desired job type and your nationality.

The job offers: There are 8 827 job offers. IT and sales have the most job offers by far in Japan, but there are also many electronics and manufacturing opportunities.

Reactivity: A phone number appears on the screen after you’ve sent an e-mail. The team answers within a day and offer a lot of useful information.

Special features: The blog (nothing new since 2016 and there’s a section just for women, which is empty); the fairs (including, events, visa consultations and seminars); the case studies (presenting how Daijob helped companies recruit); the timeline.

Verdict: Daijob isn’t one of the most visited job sites in Japan, but it has English options, which is handy for foreign recruiters. That said, it would be best to use it in addition to another Japanese job board if you’re recruiting in the country.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

Ad campaign in web such as Google Adwords, Facebook, Linkedin, printing such as Newspaper,  and outdoor advertising. host a career fair event for busilingual professionals in Japan targeting both Japanese and foreigner.

Daijob Global Recruiting Co., Ltd., a company operating, is the Platinum Sponsor for the 23rd Japan Market Expansion Competition in Japan for many years. This business program provides competitive practical business training for up-and coming business executives by helping to expand the business activities of foreign companies in the Japanese market. There will be approximately 60 bilingual professionals attending this annual program which lasts for 8 months. The entire program will be in English, and the attendees will be split into teams and construct a business proposal.

Daijob participates global event for Women in business“WINConference Tokyo2016” as an organizational partner and is contributing to the increase of female global leadership development and diversity enterprises.


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