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Subito is the company no. 1 in Italy to buy and sell. We were born in Milan in 2007 and today, in our country, we are steadily positioned among the top 10 most visited online brands and as the first web ad service (Source: Media Audiweb Total Digital Audience 2014).

Our goal is always to offer the easiest, fastest and safest online sales service in Italy. With, people at first experience and professional users are able to do good business, and a great deal is often synonymous with desire. We need the great results of an intuitive and effective platform and a broad and quality offer with controlled content for greater security. And then, of course, to a tireless team made of people who work, passionately, for people. It is currently part of the Norwegian multinational Schibsted Media Group, which operates successfully in 29 countries in the publishing markets (newspapers and free press), online (sales and digital advertising sites) and mobile. The Group was founded in 1839 and now has 6,900 employees.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Subito is a well known news classified advertisements website in Italy:

  • The design of the site is modern and it is easy to navigate
  • The website is only available in Italian
  • On the homepage, there are the categories of the different classified ads you can find on the website
  • There is also a map, to search for something direclty in your region
  • You can do a quick search according to keyword, category and region, and the same once you chose the job category
  • You can find job offers as well as people looking for a job
  • Job offers' design is simple and but more understandable. 
  • It's very easy to apply for a job and post a job as you don't need an account 
  • Watch out, there is not much flagging on the site, so users can post whatever and it is not normally removed. 

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