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Site's statement is an on-line classified ads portal owned by Gratka Ltd. The company was founded in 2000 and is based in Gdansk. is one of the most popular classified ads portals in the Polish Internet - has about 3 200 000 ads, and cooperates with several thousands business partners in five main categories: automotive, house and real estates, job, tourism and classified advertisements.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Originally designed for adverts from ordinary people selling things they no longer want, the classifieds website Gratka (which means “jackpot”) has kept the same design for its job section. As far as its activity is concerned, the Polish love Gratka (it is the 138th most popular website in the country, and it gets 9.39 million views per month). The oldest adverts are from the beginning of this year and there are only a few of them so it’s safe to say they try to keep the site up-to-date. However, Gratka has no links to social media and they clearly have no interest in advertising on Facebook, Twitter or even Linkedin (which still has their old logo as their profile picture). Then again, they don’t seem to need it.

Design: The overall colour is white with only the small “g” in red. There’s a search bar with two filters (location and category) beneath it at the top of the page, and a list of jobs filling up the rest of the homepage (with job posts no older than a few weeks old). The openings can be sorted by date, pertinence or cost (like the items for sale). The different filters don’t appear on the side (and it isn’t possible to see how many jobs there are by location). In the list form, the job offers indicate the type of work, the type of contract, the publication date, the company name and photo. If you do not provide a photo, they provide one for you. Some job offers also have “super offer” on the side (but it’s not clear why). When you open a job offer, the photo takes up half the screen, the description is underneath (varying lengths, despite the word limit) and the location, the company name and the type of job are on the side (a bit too high up for my liking). For some offers, there is also a map which allows you to see what is nearby (cinemas, cafes, schools, etc.). Finally, if you want to click on the “categories”, “location” or “popular searches”, you need to click below the word.

The job board objective: Gratka makes it easy for people to find jobs or to sell objects quickly.

Recruiter observations: There’s no real difference between a candidate and recruiter account. When you make your advert, different packages and costs are provided (plus, you purchase “points” to promote your advert). Something appears to be malfunctioning on their website when you try to fill out the job advert though so it might be best to contact them directly (an email address and a number are available). You can add up to 12 photos for no extra charge and you can also add documents.

Jobseeker observations: It’s easy to create an account and you send a cover letter and/or CV each time you apply to an offer. To see any phone numbers, you need to click to reveal them.

The job offers: They have a lot of manual jobs, odd-jobs/services and jobs that don’t require any higher education. The most popular categories are “other”, construction/architecture, logistics/transport and manual labour. There are currently 13 248 jobs and you can advertise in English.

Reactivity: All the automatic emails are in Polish. It took about a day for them to answer our email (in Polish) but the information was helpful.

Special features: The feedback option; the blog with different sections (which is hidden down the bottom of the page and has not been updated for months); the “currently active” pop-up when you open the page; the map; the filters (oldies, students, handicapped, first job).

Verdict: There seems to be an emphasis on clicking things and ticking boxes. For odd jobs in Poland, definitely give Gratka a go, and we loved the map. For anything else, it would be best to look for a more transparent job board.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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