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Great performance starts with great hiring. It is this belief that forms the core of our approach to service, and our focus on delivering a solution that allows recruiters to target and find the best talent more effectively.

In early 2005, was established by, now a world leader in online recruitment, running 500 websites across 30 countries. With a comprehensive platform tailored to the Caribbean job market, we enable employers and jobseekers alike to improve their success in finding the ideal fit.

Trusted by over 1400 businesses throughout the Caribbean each month, and visited by over 180,000 individual jobseekers monthly, our dedication to providing the best service available has made us the Caribbean’s favourite recruitment website.

With over 80% market share, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to roll up our sleeves and do the hard work to provide our recruiting partners with not just an easier recruitment solution, but a competitive edge in finding the best candidates faster, and access to a rich pool of highly qualified candidates at a more cost-effective rate than any other method in the region.

An intuitive web-based solution focused on a single goal, bridges the gap across the Caribbean region, enabling recruiters and jobseekers to find their fit.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: In 2005, CaribbeanJobs was launched by SaonGroup, which was later acquired by StepStone in 2013. The Caribbean generalist job board continues to be a popular choice in the area and even abroad attracting 327 780 views a month (80% of which comes from the Caribbean, 5% is from the US and almost 3% is from the UK). On social media, the team makes a point of remaining active on a number of networks for its followers: 2 249 on Twitter, 11 276 on LinkedIn and another 103 183 on Facebook.

Design: The homepage features either happy or successful looking people next to the search engine box (keywords, location and category). The rest of the homepage looks rather empty, even if there are other sections, like the recommended jobs and courses. No job offers are featured on the homepage. Once in the job listing, you can sort the offers by relevance or the most recent. There are also filters (the recruiter type, the category, the relative skills/role, the location, the salary), which indicate the number of offers per category. The salary appears at the top of the job offer (if it is disclosed) along with a logo and the rest of the offer is the description. For additional branding, there are employer pages, but they only consist of a logo, a description and some useful information about the company (like the web address and the location).

The job board objective: CaribbeanJobs offers the Islands a chance to access and advertise better job opportunities.

Recruiter observations: Recruiters must contact the team to create an account and start recruiting. Either you can send an e-mail or request a call back.

Jobseeker observations: Jobseekers need an account to apply to job offers. Some job offers include questions, which the jobseeker must answer to apply. Once you have successfully applied to an offer, the job board lets you know that your application has been sent.

The job offers: There are currently 521 job offers on the website. Most of the jobs are in Jamaica and most are in sales, customer service, accountancy and finance.

Reactivity: The team is friendly and answers quickly.

Special features: Job alerts; the YouTube videos; the salary surveys (from 2007); the blog (in subsections); courses; university pages; the newsroom (which is empty); company following; the testimonials; the international partner websites (half of which don’t work).

Verdict: For a job board covering a rather small area, CaribbeanJobs attracts quite a bit of attention. Since it is a part of the StepStone group, you know it also has contacts with other more global websites. As far as the usability goes, it’s definitely straightforward and some of the articles are worth reading.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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With over 39,000 friends and followers across the top channels – Facebook and Twitter, fuels a very active social media community. Our newly launched blog adds to this by providing access to experts in a number of fields while also promoting an exchange of ideas and experiences.


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