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Site's statement – the biggest job portal in Slovakia

We bring all the answers about jobs

We have been operating on the internet job market since 1997. During this time, we have become a leader in on-line recruitment and a reliable partner for companies looking for employees, as well as people who are looking for work.
In addition to the Slovak market, we also operate in Hungary and the Czech Republic as and portals.
In November 2012, we became part of the Finnish media Alma Media group

  • 18 years of experience in the european labour market
  • Thousands of satisfied users – companies and job seekers
  • Speed, ease to use, targeted effect
  • Dedicated customer care
  • Operating in 3 countries (Slovakia, Hungary, Czech republic)

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Profesia was created back in 1997 and they have come a long way. The generalist job board belongs to what has become the PROFESIA Company (and which now belongs to Alma Media since 2012) and they have partner websites in Hungary and the Czech Republic. Being a part of Alma Media means they are also kind of connected to all the job boards across Europe (mostly in the Nordic countries) which also belong to Alma Media. Profesia attracts an impressive 4.5 million visits every month so it’s no surprise they are the 27th most visited website in the country. The website is available in Slovakian, Czech, Hungary, English and German. The social media is irrelevant.

Design: Profesia has bright colours (mostly yellow) and a clear layout. The search engine (location, keywords) is above a list of regions (with the number of jobs per region in grey). Tools for a job search, the various websites operated by PROFESIA Company and the hot jobs can all be found on the website. The homepage also features a wall of company logos and when you pass your cursor over them, they turn to reveal the number of available jobs in the company (only 1 doesn’t have any). Once you have accessed the job listing, you can use the filters (the region, the position, home office, the salary, the contract type, the category, jobs from the company, language skills and the publication date) for a more advanced search. Everything is very clear (a logo, the job title, the location, the publication date and the company name are visible for each job). If you press on an opening, you can see a description of the position, additional benefits, a map of the location and similar jobs below. The company pages (all  4 989 of them) are basically just a list of the different offers and a short paragraph about the company. Finally, the job board has two search engines: one for the job search and the other to look up keywords in discussions, articles and/or job offers.

The job board objective: The language options and the various partner websites make Profesia a useful tool for jobseekers and recruiters from all around the world.

Recruiter observations: You have the prices on the website. To prove you have not registered before, they request that you provide the company registration number and company name. Obviously, that doesn’t make sense.

Jobseeker observations: To apply to job offers, you send your CV to the company, but you don’t actually need one to create an account. There is a temporary job section and the website also remembers your previous searches. Searching through job offers is made easy with the “next” button.

The job offers: In total, there are about 18 700 jobs on offer, with a little over  2 600 having been posted within in the week. Their job board also provides a link to a salary website where you can compare your salary to thousands of others.

Reactivity: They have chat support, so you can get information very quickly.

Special features: The salary website; the two search engines; the career advice (very basic); company list (with the number of jobs); job title list (with the number of jobs); chat support; the HR tool website; the odd jobs website (with the moving illustrations); the job forums/ career days; partner website.

Verdict: Profesia is easy-to-use for jobseekers, but a bit more confusing for recruiters. Your best option is to call them directly. The visibility is high, the layout is simple. Look to Profesia for Slovakian professionalism. It's great to see the site has adapted to the changing times through its filters.

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THE best media in Slovakia. Go ahead with if you have needs in this country.
Rated on 21-12-2017

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