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The Recruit website in Hong Kong was launched in 1996; it is an online platform containing all job information printed in Recruit Magazine . By connecting job seekers and employers of 48 different industries.

Starting from 2013, is extended to a global recruitment online platform by partnering with The Network, an alliance of 49 independent job boards in more than 125 countries worldwide. Employers can access to the best talent wherever they need through is a powerful communication tool and a personalized online career portfolio

Jobboard Finder’s opinion is the leading job board in Hong Kong. The website is modern and clear (there are not many advertisements flashing as in Chinese job boards). The search engine is user-friendly and well organised. Good point: the website is avalable in Chinese and in English! We definitely reccomend Recruit for your recruitment campaigns or job search in Hong Kong!

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Marketing activities

Since 2003, Recruit has begun to organize the Round Table Luncheon twice a year, inviting top management from large corporate and representative from Labour and Welfare Bureau to have a discussion on the hot industry employment trends. The reports of the luncheon were released on Recruit Magazine and well received by the press and human resources professionals.

Starting from 2011, Recruit is not just a recruitment platform for employers and employee. By organizing job fairs, HR and jobseekers seminars, as well as sponsorship to universities / youth associations / non-governmental organizations and retail course. Recruit is offering full services to jobseekers and human resources professionals from CV clinic, mock interview and working knowledge to hot industry recruitment news.

Aggregators &
Media Partners

Recruit Magazine Being published every Tuesday and Friday, Recruit has succeeded in combining job and education advertisements with comprehensive articles on labour market and industry news. It also provides career related enrichment articles and activities to attract readers who strive for work-life balance. Recruit is the first free recruitment magazine distributed inside MTR stations. The Network

Like Magazine

Newly launched in March 2012, Like Magazine is a free magazine with all rounded entertainment, numerous special offers plus white collar &service industry job vacancies, targeting young metropolitans with spending power and working class youth. Every issue of Like Magazine features famous artist interviews, as well as fashion and beauty, shopping, dining, travel, latest electronic goods and working tips on retail industry. It also offers loads of gift, special offers and F&B coupons to readers.

Like Magazine is published bi-weekly on Wednesday. Piles of copies are distributed inside the first-class shopping centers, Circle K convenience stores as well as hand-to-hand distribution in high traffic areas.

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