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Site's statement is a new international affairs jobsite with a quickly growing audience of international policy, development, economics, communication and legal experts, who want to work in international organisations, development agencies, consultancies, to help governments NGOs, associations and consultants make the world a better place. Their skills range from human rights and democracy experts, legal experts, and economic policy advisers to more commercially oriented consultants and business skills. The jobs listed are on all the continents, some in Europe and North America, but many in Africa, Asia and South America. IntJobs has around 15 000 visits a month.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Launched in 2001 as a service to help International Affairs jobseekers find listings of all the actual jobs in International Affairs, IntJobs has since branched out to offer even more services. In addition to this EuroJobSites job board, you have BrusselJobs, EuroScienceJobs, EuroBrussels and EuroEngineerJobs. The traffic is currently around 31 200 visits a month. This is indeed a particularly international job board. On social media, there are 332 members on LinkedIn, 229 followers on Twitter (just a list of offers) and another 1 670 on Facebook. In 2010, the CV database was created, enabling recruiters to source candidates. Most candidates are European professionals who work in law, politics, economies and communication in Brussels or want to.

Design: The search engine (keywords and location) is in the middle of the homepage and the site suggests some popular keywords. The rest of the page is full of top jobs, the latest jobs and a stream of featured companies (who really are hiring). In the job listing, the offers display logos and publication dates. The highlighted offers appear throughout the list in orange or on the right-hand side. To remind your search, you can use the filters (policy, experience, category, region, country) and the number of offers per category are visible. There are no company pages. Job offers don’t have any particular branding either.

The job board objective: IntJobs hopes to attract more professionals for the administrational roles as well as other international positions.

Recruiter observations: There are many different advertising options. To order a job offer online, you must provide a billing address, a VAT number and some information on the company.

Jobseeker observations: When you apply to jobs, either instructions are provided or you are redirected to another page.

The job offers: There are hundreds jobs on the site. Most of them are in development aid, human rights & democracy and justice, freedom and security. Most are in the US.

Reactivity: --

Special features: Testimonials; job alert; the feedback options; key figures about the site audience; the list of courses; the newsletter; the self-evaluation guide; the list of partner websites in the footer.

Verdict: For job offers from all over the world in international affairs, you can’t look past IntJobs. It’s quite impressive to see how many different countries use the site.

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

Exchanges with Conferences in Humanitarian Aid, Development, International Politics. Media swaps with international affairs media.

Aggregators &
Media Partners

EuroBrussels, Global Careers Forum, Humanitarian Aid Conference Berlin, Aidex, etc. etc.


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