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ChinaHR ( was established in 1997, is one of the earliest established professional recruitment website. February 2013, ChinaHR became a member of Shanglong Group ( global recruiting network. The successful implementation of global resources strategy docking at multiple levels of products and services, such as the completion of the integration of resources, making ChinaHR become China's largest localization recruitment services provider. Now ChinaHR has offices in 179 cities, more than 2600 employees, 25 million website visits per month, 300,000 new resume per week.

ChinaHR provides online recruitment services and customized recruitment solutions for employers, finds more talent for the enterprise, helps job seekers find better jobs. By using its innovative services, ChinaHR is leading the development of recruitment industry and changing the way people live and work.

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China HR Jobs is one of the best generalist websites in China. According to SimilarWeb statistics it ranks amongst the top 10. The design of the website is modern with a lot of flshing advertisements, making it hard for non-Chinese people to find the information. It is a good choice for foreigner companies who want to find candidates in China.

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Marketing activities

October 22, 2014 Beijing "I am a good instructor" contest awards ceremony 

Twelfth China Students-Choice Best Employer award ceremony 

ChinaHR "end of the year award" - Chi Chuan GA3 automobile car award ceremony

ChinaHR career Beauty Daren Award Competition

Latest innovations

Since 2013 ChinaHR became a member of The Network Global Alliance recruitment site; so through ChinaHR account, Chinese companies can publish jobs to 135 countries, access more than 250 million global talent pool, and get an accurate and effective the global recruitment.

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