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Site's statement assists you in your IT recruitment campaigns with its expertise and market knowledge. Increase your visibility to candidates using our solutions: o Your logo on your job postings and in all search results o Customized job posting template o Customized company page o Online communication campaigns through our visibility elements (leaderboard, IMU, skyscraper…) o Multicasting of your job postings over the web and increased visibility for your company (a.o. Optioncarriere, Jobijoba, Indeed...; Google, Yahoo, Bing…; Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook…; ITOne Luxembourg ICT Community; Soluxions; IT blogs & specialized forums and communities; IT schools & universities; Specialized press & newspapers;...)

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

ICT is a job board for the specific market of IT & Telecom recruitment in Luxembourg:

  • The design of the site is plain and rather attractive
  • There are a selection of language options which is great for international users; these include French, English, and German 
  • Job seekers can use this job board to search for IT jobs or freelance projects around Luxembourg
  • On the homepage there is a list of recently published freelance listings, job postings, and a list of the companies that use ICT JOBs to find employees
  • Users can use the homepage to do a quick search for freelance work and job positions according to roles, skills, and locations
  • You can also do a general search and then narrow down the result according to contract type, experience, level of education, and full/part time 
  • There is a clear date of publication on the job postings so we can say that these job offers are regularly updated or recent
  • The results are easily comprehensible as you can display only the job offers in a particular language!

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

Sponsorship of & participation to all main Luxembopurgish IT Job Fairs; Unique partnerships with most Luxembourgish IT Schools & Universities; Various (mass & specialized) media partnerships; “Niche” marketing campaigns; Adwords campaigns on Google & other search engines; …

Latest innovations

Whole new website release since October 2014: completely new look & feel, improved SEO, responsive design, real-time search engine, social network sharing, updated search matrix, applications follow-up & collaboration tools… Full "mobile" version coming soon.

Aggregators &
Media Partners

Jobijoba, Optioncarriere, Indeed, Soluxions Magazine, ITOne Luxembourg ICT Community, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter…

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