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Site's statement is #1 recruitment media in Belgium, visited each day by thousands of high-level job seekers. With over 1.3 million unique visitors a month on the website, it offers also an extra visibility with advertisements in print media. is a Belgian job board published by the Belgian newspaper Le Soir. It belongs to the group De Persgroep, which also owns the belgian job board Vacature. is available in French only, while Vacature gathers job offers for the dutch-speaking candidates.

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Summary: Created in 1990 Belgian job board, References belongs to the Rossel group, which owns a number of other brands and online sites. This includes the online media platform, LeSoir, which appears in the web address and at the top of the page. It is indeed the job board attracted to the news site, it is available in English and in French and was redesigned by Madgex in 2015. It attracts a relatively high number of visits a month (392 060) and the social media is updated regularly for the 53 090 followers on Facebook, 2 609 on Twitter and 2 208 on LinkedIn.

Design: As a Madgex job board, References displays an attractive design. The search engine (keywords, location, radius) is the feature, over a backdrop of young adults working together. The next section focuses on different locations for work, followed by career advice, featured recruiters and the different job functions. In the job listing, the information is clear, the logos are visible and the publication or expiry dates only appear if they are recent. To help cull the offers, the filters (keywords, location, function, sector, job level, contract, hours, desired languages, recruiter type). You can browse (the number of offers per category are visible) or search. There is a company listing with a search engine (keywords and the type of employer).

The job board objective: In the words of References itself: References goal is to bring together the talents and businesses in the HR domain through innovative HR solutions.

Recruiter observations: Storekeeper, craftsman and freelance companies can request a tailored offer. It’s easy to create an account and to order job offers online.

Jobseeker observations: It’s easy to create an account as a jobseeker and one is needed to apply to offers.

The job offers: There are 1 364 job offers. Most of them are in for production and technical functions, and the sectors with the most offers are Construction/Installation and other.

Reactivity: You can contact the team through the chat window on Facebook.

Special features: The salary tools (including a salary compass to compare your salary to others, a net/gross salary calculator and the notice period calculator); the media chart; the top employer page; job alerts; the courses; the key figure page (which includes information on the audience demographic); the digital edition (of the articles); the blog.

Verdict: References has more than a few job offers listed on its site. It has a user-friendly design, career advice for jobseekers and great salary tools. Check it out.

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References belong to the media group De Persgroep. References is also an offline magazine, released every saturday with the newspaper Le Soir (590,800 daily readers).


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