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Leading media for recruitment in Nepal :

Employers seeking to hire new candidates also find Jobejee to be the perfect platform. Its various plans, integrated messaging systems and advanced features make it easy to keep track of applications and sort through them to find the perfect candidate while strengthening their brand image.

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Summary: is the newbie on the block when it comes to job boards in Nepal. Granted, job boards have only be around for about 10 years in this landlocked country, and they only recently gained better access to the internet thanks to China. Created in 2017, jobejee is about as new as you can get. For now, it is ranked 1 349th on the list of the most active websites in Nepal (far behind Ramrojob in 119th position, Jobsnepal coming in 99th and Merojob in 36th), but they keep their Linkedin page updated and they have some interesting sections on their website. They just need more recruiters and jobseekers to fill them.

Design: They have a dark green and orange colour scheme with easy-to-find contact numbers. The emphasis is on the company, and not the job. The number of available positions per company is in brackets. Their Linkedin page features the actual vacancies (teacher, engineer, etc.)

The job board objective: Jobejee has tried to mix new technology with old habits in the hopes of reducing the number of unqualified applicants answering job offers. They highlight the “gadgets” on their job board, but they also include newspaper job offers, to ease people into the idea of online jobseeking. Oh, and they have an app.

Recruiter observations: The dashboard is divided into many sections: running jobs, followers, job views, applications, marked as a “dream company”, active sub users, and the company page view statistics (it sounds more confusing than it is). In the “hiring and branding” section displays the different packages and payment plans (with the prices) and the payments go through e-sewa or with a direct bank transfer. You can also search for CVs and you can create questionnaires for the candidates. However, job listings need to be approved before putting them on the website. You can repeat past job listings quite easily with the prefill option. When creating a job offer, there is a job description to fill out and a “desired candidate” form as well as a section on managing candidates. You can also upload additional forms for the candidates. It bothers me to say that I could not find the publish button though...

Jobseeker observations: No CV needed to create an account. The jobseeker page is very detailed: profile summary, resume title/key skills, location, personal details, employment details, job category, education details, job preference, general and specific IT skills, other details, certification, online profile, projects, work sample, white paper/research publication, presentation, patent, resume upload. To actually look through the job offers, you need a keyword.

The job offers: Practically all the job offers are in Kathmandu, and there are no more than 100 job offers, with most of them being in education and services. You need to type in a keyword to look up a job.

Reactivity: They have a chat support and they send automatic emails, but I am yet to get any real help.

Special features: Salary Benchmark (even if it doesn’t work well); social media job sharing; newspaper jobs (with the newspaper extracts); applicant ranking; the “refer a friend” (to the job board) option; profile views and CV downloads; the sad computer bearing sad news; mobile app.

Verdict: Jobejee was only created last year so it is too early to put the thumbs down on their job board. For now, they haven’t had enough time to build up a large database of jobseekers or recruiters.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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