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Careerjet Australia is the online job search engine with the widest presence worldwide, sourcing over 40 million job ads from more than 70 thousands quality websites from all over the world. With over 90 localised websites, in 28 major languages, Careerjet New Zealand gives job seekers direct access to an extensive database of jobs, targeted to their needs, in just one straight forward search.

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Careerjet gives job seekers direct access to an extensive database of jobs in one straight forward search. Launched in 2001, the job search engine is still expanding through its brands: Careerjet (worldwide), Opcionempleo (Spanish markets) and Optioncarriere (French markets). Careerjet’s listing service operates on a price per click fee basis. The website is basic yet easy to use. Traffic has been decreasing since January 2015 with 100,000 estimated monthly visits down to 40,000 visits per month in May 2015 (SimilarWeb). Although over 66% of traffic comes from Australia, there is still more than 3% of visitors located in the UK and 3% from the U.S (SimilarWeb). 

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Careerjet's international network of job search engines index employment opportunities in over 50 countries, whose interfaces and job listings are native to each country's site. 

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The online search engine for jobs Careerjet has just launched an application for iPhone and Android. The application is localised in more than 15 major languages and available now for free.

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Careerjet is still expanding through its three brands: Careerjet (worldwide), Opcionempleo (Spanish language markets) and Optioncarriere (French language markets). 

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