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Site's statement is one of the pioneer job portals in Mauritius. With over 15 years of professional experience, Hello Job is destined to be the professional link between applicants and recruiters to thin the job market in Mauritius. The website has been created by an experienced recruiter and was structured step by step to provide the best job portal for both job seekers and recruiters. HELLO JOB will constantly innovate and will always respond to its users.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Created in 2014 and run by Christophe Aucher, HelloJob is a local job board for the Mauritius island. It is a surprisingly populous island with a small labour force, in which about 60% of the population has access to the internet. On SimilarWeb, the HelloJob visibility is unknown, but it does have followers on Facebook (7 137) and Youtube (85). The other social media leads to Christophe Aucher’s personal pages, which can be a bit off-putting. The website is not https:// secure. The videos explain how to use the website and what it offers that other Mauritian job boards don’t.The website is available in English and in French.

Design: The HelloJob website is very straightforward. There’s a search engine (keywords and location) and separate tables depending on whether you are a jobseeker or recruiter. You can look for courses or job offers. You can even find additional information on work permits, permanent residency, taxation and other administrational aspects of Mauritius. By clicking on jobs in the public sector, you are redirected to a government website. In the job listing, the filters (position, profile, age group 1, age group 2, age group 3, experience, training, salary, language 1, language 2, language 3, business sector, driver’s licence, car, job type) appear at the top of the page under the search engine. In one of the videos on Youtube, HelloJob highlights their many filters, but two of them appear three times. The offers are displayed in a grid, with no particular branding, but some of the vacancies are featured on the homepage.

The job board objective: HelloJob aims to provide Mauritians with a job board adapted to their job search and recruitment needs.

Recruiter observations: Recruiters create the same account as jobseekers, but if you tick the “I am a company” box, you also have to include a BRN and VAT number.

Jobseeker observations: It’s to create an account and to apply to job offers (simply send a CV and optional cover letter). Contact information is also in the job offers if you would prefer to contact the company directly.

The job offers: There are 879 job offers. Tourism jobs and call centre jobs are by far the most in-demand.

Reactivity: Christophe Aucher answered us very quickly.

Special features: CV advice (at a cost); CV and cover letter examples (that you cannot download; you need to pay for any personal assistance); the comment section (with only two positive comments and no names); the list of courses; recruitment services (at a cost); the placement and personality tests (60 questions, and each one costs $9 to purchase).

Verdict: No https:// security and the personal social media for Christophe Aucher are unusual. For recruiters, the website lacks professionalism and all the services involve charges. Jobseekers can use the website quite easily to look for work.

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