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WindJobs is a specialist wind jobs and wind energy job board.

WindJobs is a job board wholly dedicated to recruitment in the wind industry sector. The WindJobs website specifically targets candidates across all areas of the wind industry sector.

WindJobs is a user-friendly website offering both registered candidates and employers a highly flexible and easy to use interface.

WindJobs cover a wide variety of job types including — offshore wind energy jobs, offshore wind engineering jobs, offshore wind farm jobs, offshore wind  industry jobs, offshore wind jobs, offshore wind power jobs, offshore wind turbine jobs, wind analyst jobs, wind blade design jobs, wind civil engineering jobs, wind consultancy jobs, wind development jobs, wind electrical engineering jobs, wind energy jobs, wind energy technician jobs, wind environmental impact assessment (EIA) jobs, wind engineering jobs, wind farm jobs, wind farm construction jobs, wind farm development jobs, wind farm management jobs, wind health & safety jobs, wind industry jobs, windjobs, wind management jobs, wind maintenance jobs, wind manufacturing jobs, wind mechanical engineering jobs, wind power jobs, wind project management jobs, wind resource assessment jobs, wind sales jobs, wind tech jobs, wind technician jobs, wind technology jobs, wind turbine jobs, wind turbine design jobs, wind turbine maintenance jobs and wind turbine technician jobs.

WindJobs is a member of the GreenJobs Network of Websites that includes — ConservationJobs, EnvironmentalJobs, GreenJobs, GreenJobs (Ireland), RenewableEnergyJobs, SolarJobs, WasteJobs and WaterJobs.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Wind Jobs is part of a group of environment focused job boards (listed in the footer) and it is based in Ireland. Founded in 2008 by Jonathan Kyle (who has worked on a number of other sites in the past), the specialist job board doesn’t have enough visibility for SimilarWeb to track it, but the other sites make for additional exposure. There are a number of social media pages, but no direct links to them on the site (only links to follow them, which don’t work), which can make it difficult to just view the social media. That said, we did find their social media pages: there are 4 038 followers on Facebook, 2 103 on Twitter (which is full of job offers) and it shares the name LinkedIn page for Green Jobs (3 818 followers).

Design: None of the group’s websites have a logo for the tab, but the pages are quite appealing. The WindJobs site has a backdrop image of a man in front of wind turbines behind the search engine just for keywords (the enter button is on the left and not the right). Unsurprisingly, the dominant colour is a yellow. From the homepage, you can browse the job offers by different categories, see the new offers, visit the featured employer pages (most of which aren’t hiring) and read about the company. Once in the job listing, all the useful information (job type, region, job category, vicinity, salary and posted date) is visible even without opening the offers. If you search for a job, you have the following filters: industry sector, job category, region and vicinity. If you browse, the site shows the same filters, but it includes the number of job offers in the top subcategories. In the recruiter list, you can see the number of job offers for each company and the logos. Finally, the offers have expiry dates, which means they are updated.

The job board objective: Wind Jobs has made it easy to find environmental jobs in one convenient place.

Recruiter observations: Job offers appear on partner websites too. Recruiters can’t create an account without first contacting the team through the inquiry sheet, which includes questions about the type of job posting.

Jobseeker observations: It’s easy to create an account, but it isn’t necessary to apply to offers. You simply send your CV and a message (which the website writes for you) to the company.

The job offers: There are 61 wind related job offers on the site. That said, you can access all of the Green Jobs offers through Wind Jobs.

Reactivity: The team answers very quickly, but they prefer to talk over the phone.

Special features: The selected jobs options; the browser compatibility test; testimonials; the partner list (broken down into different sectors); the job index (with all of the job offers for each subcategory); the link to the CV writing service; the blog (which all the partner websites share).

Verdict: The interesting thing about this group of job boards, is that it gives recruiters a look into which sectors within the environmental sector are the most in demand (based on the job offers and the social media following). We would recommend using a site from the group in addition to other sites.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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