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Monster website is a leading job board in the UK. In January 2014 we exceeded 3 million unique visitors on ComScore for the first time ever, a 55% increase in UV’’s YoY Monster are one of the only sites to have had an increase in traffic in the careers services and development category YoY. (overall the industry traffic has only increased 3% YoY) Stats source: ComScore 2014 is the UK arm of Monster, the worldwide leader in successfully connecting people to job opportunities.  From the web, to mobile, to social, Monster helps companies find people with customised solutions using the world's most advanced technology to match the right person to the right job. With a local presence in more than 40 countries, Monster connects employers with quality job seekers at all levels, provides personalised career advice to consumers globally and delivers highly targeted audiences to advertisers.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Monster is one of the oldest job boards around, since it was created in 1994. Depending on the country, the website has different particularities and exposure. In the UK, the generalist job board gets a whopping 3.41 million hits a month and keeps its 733 430 Facebook followers updated (the account is for all the Anglo-Saxon Monster websites). Twitter also has over 40 000 followers (but it isn’t just UK either) and they have a Youtube page (one of their links is malfunctioning but they told us they’d fix it). The UK Monster strives to optimize the user experience with small indications. In the UK, is the 831st most visited website.

Design: The familiar purple monster is the backdrop on the homepage. The search engine is in two parts (keywords and location) and you must write a keyword to start your search. They have a friendly way of telling you, which is appreciated. The homepage also includes a list of popular companies and popular searches at the bottom of the page. The job listing features the important information (Location, position, publication date and company) and often shows one job offer next to a list of all the others corresponding searches. As for the filters, they are fairly limited: the job title, the location, the country and the company. The offers can be sorted by relevance or by date.

The job board objective: Monster is the mother of all job boards, bringing jobseekers and recruiters together.

Recruiter observations: You need an English phone number and a VAT number if you create your account through the website. However, if you have those things, you can purchase advertising space without even picking up the phone.    

Jobseeker observations: It’s really easy to create an account on Monster. All you need is a Facebook account or an e-mail address. When you apply to jobs, they ask if you can work in the UK, then you can add a CV and a cover letter. If you are planning on moving, you can press on the handy “international jobs” button under the search engine.

The job offers: The website is vague: 5000 + job offers. Since it’s Monster, we’ll let it slide because we know they cover a wide range of fields so you can pretty much find anything on their website.

Reactivity: Respond quickly on chat support (and they ask for feedback on their service).

Special features: Monster conferences (in the US mostly though); the Monster survey; The “Monster likes pressing buttons too” paragraph if you don’t type in a keyword; interview tips; the salary calculator; CV tips; the Youtube videos; the Monster with the cookie next to the cookies information.

Verdict: Monster remains a popular choice for many people. It’s definitely worth checking out, but remember that there are some other amazing local job boards out there too.

  • The website renews its services and products portfolio very often, in detriment of a certain kind of clarity.
  • The launch of its new design makes Monster look more professional.
  • Job offers are of a good quality and varied in terms of branches and companies.
  • According to SimilarWeb ranks amongst the top job sites in the UK and has on average of 4 million visitors per month
  • There are links to it's partner Monster sites all around the world


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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

2014 will include a continuation of hard working digital DR activity, complimented by branding across mobile, display and social media. So far this year we have also run a campaign on 'Blue Monday' (20th January) and have introduced the Career MOT app. This is with a view to continue building upon our current marketing strategy & continuing our paid-for traffic approach e.g. PPC, Display etc combined with a mix of aggregator and hardworking PR activity.

Aggregators &
Media Partners

Not at present, but this is something does undertake.

Mobile applications


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