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The Society for Neuroscience, nonprofit organization, founded in 1969, now has nearly 40,000 members in more than 90 countries and 130 chapters worldwide. The Society for Neuroscience is committed to advancing the understanding of the brain and nervous system by creating venues where great science gets shared, providing professional development for neuroscience professionals, promoting public education and general education in neuroscience research, and informing legislators and other policymakers about new developments

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: The Society of Neuroscience has been around for 50 years and today, it is present in 95 countries. However, all the job offers on the site are in the United States. As the name indicates, Society of Neuroscience has a specialist job board for those in the neuroscience field. The site traffic has gone up since last year to 326 570 visits a month (for the main page) and there are many followers on social media: 219 034 followers on Facebook, 72 800 on Twitter, 38 700 on Instagram, 20 960 on LinkedIn and 8 565 on YouTube.

Design: Through the career section, you have to decide if you are an employer or a jobseeker. If you choose the jobseeker portal, you’ll access a job listing with a search engine (keywords and location) at the top of the page. The offers include a publication date and an image when one is provided and the featured ones are highlighted in orange. Next to the word ‘search’, you have different panels: ‘browse’ if you want to look through the different contract type, level or location; ‘explore’ to view the offers on a map, ‘your job alerts’ and ‘saved jobs’. Job offers can be sorted by newness and proximity. If you choose the employer portal, the focus is on different services, key figures and other recruitment related information. You can find the prices and access the CV database (with an account).

The job board objective: Advance scientific exchange, support the neuroscience community and educate the public are the objectives of the site. Thanks to the job board, they can also connect professionals in the field.

Recruiter observations: Recruiters can post job offers and view CVs from the database and it is easy to set up an account. Some fields concern contact details and ATSs, but they are not required fields. A billing address is required to order through the site.

Jobseeker observations: Jobseekers should be able to create an account easily, but we kept getting directed to a sign in page (instead of a sign up one).

The job offers: There are currently 274 job offers online, most of which are for full-time positions, and most are in Pennsylvania.

Reactivity: Customer Support answers quickly.

Special features: The YouTube videos; the calendar; courses; the workshops (nothing new since 2018); the PDF Media Kit (which provides the prices); the annual reports; awards; the news and press section.

Verdict: It’s a shame that Society for Neuroscience doesn’t have the same outreach for its jobs as it does for its other services/information. That said, you should definitely check out the site if you are in neuroscience, whether you’re an employer or jobseeker. It is clearly an important group in the field, leading the way in innovation and knowledge.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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