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As a part of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), USAJOBS helps recruit, retain, and honor a world-class government workforce for the American people.

We are “working for America.” We strive to make searching and applying for Federal jobs easier and faster. USAJOBS Team

Jobboard Finder’s opinion is a  job board enabling federal job seekers access to thousands of job opportunities across hundreds of federal agencies and organizations.

  • The homepage is very simple and clear with no extra support offered or interactive services for users, which is to be expected with a government official page. 
  • The search engine is not as convenient as it could be and it is rather overwhelming with a huge number of filter options and information asked. It is a slow searching process as it is necessary to select at least 1 filter criteria before searching through the job board, so it is not possible to view all the job offers available on one page.
  • There are a variety of filters that range from agency name, job type, location and salary range so the search is very detailed. The results contain a lot of information about each job offer and are regularly updated.
  • Setting up a USAJOBS account simply requires an email to sign up. Registered users can build a resume or upload a resume in a compatible format for submission across most Federal Agencies. 
  • There is no link to a social network page, blog page or anything that could suuport the user through their navigation.


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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

  • Social Media sharing
  • 360,422 job announcements were open on USAJOBS in 2015.
  • USAJOBS has over 11,385,000 account holders to date.
  • Over 500 agencies posted job announcements on USAJOBS in 2015.

Latest innovations

  • Added additional search options to the Advanced Search page to allow users to find positions based on Supervisory Level, Travel Requirements and Relocation Authorization. Added salary and pay refiners to search results from the Students and Recent Grads page. Added additional Demographic questions to the Profile. Updated help text describing Organizations/Affiliations in Resume Builder.
  • USAJOBS is excited to announce that we have updated our filters to improve the search experience and to help you more easily find the jobs you’re looking for. As a result, we have archived all searches saved before April 8, 2017. To continue to receive saved search notifications, you must unarchive your old saved searches or create new ones. We designed the new filter options to help you more easily find the jobs you’re looking for, so we encourage you to update your saved searches so that they are deliver all relevant jobs.

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Michalle Ganemberg  - Recruiter  - 33 reviews
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Michalle Ganemberg comment :

The best job board to recruit in USA. Difficult to use for international recruiters.
Rated on 10-04-2017

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