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Imagine skipping past the many recruiters on your job search, speaking to hiring managers directly, AND getting a reply. For those who have been through tedious and frustrating job hunts, it may sound like a dream. Now, we are making it a reality!

Bossjob is a professional job marketplace that aims to make job hunting simple, convenient, and less of a chore. With our direct chat feature and intelligent matching, we will connect the most qualified talents with the foremost jobs on the market!

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Summary: Created in 2016, BossJob is a Filipino national job board. The visibility has been shooting up since July, and is currently around 65 280 views a month. There is no information about the people behind the idea though. On social media, it has 20 483 Facebook followers, 274 on Instagram and a mere 41 on Twitter. An attractive design, this website is bound to see its numbers go up over time.

Design: The homepage highlights the advantages of using According to the website, over 3 000 companies are recruiting (which isn’t possible for the number of available jobs). You can use the job categories to look for work, the website explains the hiring process for the recruiter and the app is featured underneath.  In the listing, the logo, the job title, the company name, the publication date, the location, the experience required, the level of education, the salary and the hours are visible. To find the right position, the filters (the location, the specialization, the industry, the work experience, the qualification, the job type and the salary) remain in clear view under the search engine. You can also choose to view verified companies only.

The job board objective: BossJob aims to make it easier for Filipinos to find work, and for companies to hire.

Recruiter observations: You can have a free trial period (pricing information is available on the website).  When creating a job advert, you cannot select less that 1-3 years of minimum experience and you cannot select less than 10 000 peso Philippi a month (€ 167, 29 a month). It takes about 3 days for them to approve the ad.

Jobseeker observations: You can create an account with Linkedin, Facebook or an e-mail address. Through your account, you can create a professional looking CV. Without an account, you can still apply to one job offer, but if you apply to more, you will have to register.

The job offers: There are 1 244 job offers, which is down by more than 3 000 job offers in two months.

Reactivity: It's difficult to contact the team without contact details. There is an e-mail addresss in the FAQ.

Special features: The list of job site partners; the icons; BossPoints (which you can exchange for prizes and vouchers); the Resume Builder.

Verdict: BossJob is easy to use and it clearly making a name for itself in the Philippines. The reactivity could be better, but with time, that will surely improve. For jobseekers, the resume builder is a useful tool.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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Bossjob: The First Job Hiring Website to Offer Rewards from Grab, Lazada

Your job search should be fun and rewarding, according to, the job portal for professionals in Philippines


Makati, Philippines, 19 December 2018 - Recruiters have long struggled with the arduous process of hiring the right candidates. This inefficiency leads to long working hours, wasted resources and under-par candidates being hired. Yolo Technology Pte. Ltd., a company founded with the mission to enrich lives through technology, resolved this recruitment problem by launching, a job search website for professionals in the Philippines. Now it is easier for job seekers and recruiters to connect with one another and find the perfect match.

Launched in September 2017, Bossjob has over 12,000 registered companies hiring and hundreds of thousands of registered users. Bossjob is more than an ordinary job search website; it strives to offer innovative features to enhance the job seeking and hiring process.

With the intention to make job search and recruitment more rewarding, the platform came up with its very own reward feature known as the BossPoints. Released in October 2018, the BossPoints feature set Bossjob apart from other job sites as they are the first to reward users as they search for jobs or hire candidates.

Bossjob users get 200 BossPoints upon sign-up, and can start earning more by completing simple tasks such as daily login, sharing of job posts via Facebook, applying for jobs, posting jobs, hiring candidates and more. Users can then redeem their accumulated BossPoints for vouchers from well-known brands like LAZADA, GRAB, GMovies and Petron. This means Bossjob users can get rewarded for their job search and hiring efforts, a refreshing concept compared to other players in the industry.

Having seen a gap in the market, Bossjob goes beyond the traditional job search site to push out pioneering features within a sleek, user-friendly interface. ‘BossPoints’ transforms the process of job hunting and candidate hiring from boring and mundane to an enriching and rewarding experience.

To learn more about and its other innovative features, visit

About Yolo Technology Pte. Ltd.: Yolo Technology is a start-up company founded in Singapore in 2016, with the mission to enrich lives through technology. Its core product,, is a job search portal for professionals in the Philippines, which aims to make the job search and hiring process more effective.

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Jeffrey Protheroe  - Recruiter  - 1 review
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Jeffrey Protheroe comment :

Having signed up with several sites, I can without question state this site was terrible. Extremely poor design, appears few if any real quality candidates, and the site is designed to push you to sign up for features, when even the basic features do not work. Other sites were giving us 20-50 candidates a week - this site just a handful after a month Avoid, complete waste of time and money
Rated on 17-09-2021

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