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For several years, we are portal with highly recognizable brand on the market. Our greatest strengths are about 2 million users, thousands of current job postings every day, the best domain address of all the job portals. together with partner sites guarantee nearly 5 million reach of people actively looking for work. recruitment service was established in 2004. We are a rapidly growing company focused on creating and delivering high-quality e-recruitment services. We build and develop effective, easy-to-use tools for maximum effective communication with potential candidates.

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Summary: Created in 2004, (or has been around for a while. They display a lot of statistics about who reads what but it’s difficult to confirm the figures (especially when there are some exaggerations regarding the number of jobs/visitors and misinformation regarding the hiring companies). What we can confirm is that they get 2.82M visitors per month, they have 83 458 Facebook followers, 1317 on Twitter and the website is ranked 507th for web activity in Poland. They have 7 different offices in Poland, a number of affiliated websites and a yearly work guide (which is worth flipping though).

Design: When you open, the job offers are the focus of the homepage: the search bar is up to top of the page (options to look up a job: city, employer, popular searches) followed by job offers (in a list form) ranging from the weekly offers to the latest offers in order of the newest to the oldest, followed by some of the featured blog articles. The mobile app and guide are advertised on the right-hand side. The “quick apply” tick means you don’t have to click on offer to see if you are going to be redirected and some also include a “we recommend” bookmark. Each offer indicated the publication date/time is visible, the job title, company logo and the location. When you open one, it pops up over the screen (which includes a map feature) and the next/previous buttons make it easy to skip though job offers. On the company page however, the layout can be very different from one profile to another which is confusing.

The job board objective: They provide jobseekers (as well as recruiters) with a quick and effective solution for their job needs.

Recruiter observations: Clear information about costs (in the “our services” section) and advert space. You can also add features to a package. On the dashboard, the layout is clear: profile, application history, job alerts; but you do need to receive CVs to view them. Whether you’re a jobseeker or a recruiter, creating an account is the same (“for employers/jobseekers” button allows you to switch between the two).

Jobseeker observations: No CV needed to create an account (with an e-mail address, Facebook or Linkedin). A special tool can fill out the online form by using your CV (but you need to fill out what is missing). You can write anything, which means the candidate scanning process isn’t very reliable. It’s easy to turn off the notifications, so you don’t have to receive thousands of automatic messages.

The job offers: A large diversity in the job offers. Most of them are in the industry/production, insurance, technology, programming and banking fields. A lot of the job offers are in Polish despite the job board having an English option. There are 56 jobs in the Netherlands and 198 in Germany. The filters are: region, category, abroad, posting time and recruitment agencies (Y/N) with the number of jobs per category in brackets.

Reactivity: ---

Special features: The yearly work guide; the blog (in Polish); targeting and video marketing; “watch this job” star; salary calculator (with different contract options, gross/net pay).

Verdict: It’s all very well to have “we recommend” and “job of the week” ratings, but it would be nice to know why. The “subject of the day” hasn’t been updated for 8 years (and the topics are kind of unexpected). provides useful information about the job-market and can guarantee your openings – as well as your brand – will get attention; but they won’t help cull the unqualified applicants.

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