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On our website applicants are connected with the most successful and recognized companies in the market through our unique combination of software, process optimization, and human resources experience. is committed to helping your organization recruit and retain a more productive workforce, because today Human Resources are the ultimate competitive advantage in most industries. Gallito offers a range of solutions that will help your company achieves its goals.

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Summary: Back in 1983, El Gallito (which means “cocky”) was published for the first time as a newspaper with a large classifieds section. Now, El Gallito is the leading classifieds job board in Uruguay (ranked 47th for its web activity in the country), but many things have changed. For one thing, the rooster logo has been reduced to the colourful tail (to remind users that Gallito was the first colour newspaper) and the job section has opted for large professional-looking photos for its homepage. With 25% of the working Uruguayans applying for job offers from Gallito, it was important to make the website more user friendly and professional. 485 090 visits are recorded by SimilarWeb every month (mostly for the news and shopping sections), they have over 203 000 followers on Facebook, 2 092 on Linkedin and 4 165 on Twitter.

Design: On the main page, the different services each have their own distinct colour (with work in blue). To access the work section you need to select a category (or click on “see more”). Once you’re in the list of job offers, the filters include the publication date, the industry, the level in the company, the pay and the location. It’s not possible to “see all” on any of the filters and ultimately, none of the filters actually work. The number of jobs per category are in brackets though. The job offers without a photo have the Gallito logo next to them (which can be confusing). Each job offer has the job title, the publication date and the sector. There is a short list of featured companies (which really are hiring).

The job board objective: El Gallito is a trusted brand in Uruguay, and they aim to make looking for work easier.

Recruiter observations: The prices are on the website (under “create an account”). You can select a package, but you need to create an account (see the jobseeker observations).

Jobseeker observations: Some job offers are very short (no more than a sentence), some have three sections (responsibilities, role, requirements) but, as a rule, it is very straight forward. To apply to jobs, you need to create an account and you have to be in Uruguay, Peru, Paraguay, Brazil or Argentina. Furthermore, you need to provide an identification card number. If you do not have one, you cannot create an account (this goes for recruiters too).

The job offers: There are currently 1 229 job offers on the website and, according to Gallito, there are 617 159 candidates registered. Sales and services are by far the most popular categories (followed by tourism, which has over 100 vacancies). The categories with the lease job offers are law, executive jobs and agriculture.

Reactivity: For help, there is a big green button saying, “click here”. To ask for information, you need to fill out a form (including your ID number).

Special features: very long FAQ; the blog (which is updated and focused on South America. Some articles are actually from different websites or they aren’t actually articles);

Verdict: El Gallito is a popular choice for job postings and other classifieds in Uruguay. Even if the website does have its flaws (buttons that do not work or account limitations), it remains an important part of the Uruguayan culture and job search. The blog and other articles really offer an interesting look into the labour market in South America.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

Uruguay recruitment market status

Spanish is the national language but foreigners can find a healthy source of income by teaching English. It enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in Latin America and levels of corruption are quite low. It also has the second highest standard and affordable cost of living in South America.  

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