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We are the number ONE online jobs website in Myanmar, where you will find the best Companies, Opportunities, Salaries... has been operating successfully since 2012, and our mission is to support you and the Employer's classifed job ad requirements.                   

JobNet Myanmar is the fastest growing employment marketplace in Myanmar, allowing employers to quickly and efficiently connect with millions of talented professionals in Myanmar.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: As the 31st most visited website in Burma, JobNet is definitely a job board worth checking out if you are hiring in the country. It receives about 347 560 hits a month and is in fact the leading job board in Burma (even if it has only been around for three years). Surprisingly, JobNet have over 1million fewer Facebook followers than MyJobs (it has only 765 267) and it has 15 118 on Linkedin. The layout is more modern that what you might see on MyJobs, but both offer a range of interesting opportunities. We love the “Free Employers” section in the footer (is anyone looking for an employer? They’re free on JobNet).

Design: They have a dominantly purple colour. The search engine in three parts (keywords, job role, and location) is featured at the top of the page over an image of female workers. Below that are some categories (with the number of job offers in brackets). Then, we come to a series of lists: top employers (with big logos – and all of them really are hiring), top jobs, more companies (more logos) and more employers (more logos). The website introduces itself at the bottom of the page and offers more selections for your job search through popular searches. The “About us” section also provides visitors with a map to locate them in Burma. Once in the job listing, the job offers show the job title, the company, the logo, the salary (if you login), the location, the benefits, the highlights, the career opportunities, the job function, the publication date and the industry without you even opening the offer. The only reason to open the job offer is to see the job description, the requirements and the company description. Also, the employers can specify who is targeted by the job offer: graduates, men and women, just men, etc. If you would like to filter your searches, you can use the freshness, industry, experience level, minimum salary and repat/expat filters.

The job board objective: JobNet offer clear information about the job opportunities in Burma/Myanmar. As a country experiencing an intense internet boom, clear information is just what everyone needs!

Recruiter observations: It’s easy to create an account but you need to purchase credits to start building an advert. You can exclude certain groups (like women) from your job offer.

Jobseeker observations: It’s very easy to apply to job offers, but you do need to create an account first. The form requires a job title (and your level in the chosen field), a phone number and a location (in Burma).

The job offers: The most popular sectors are sales/business development, accounting, marketing and IT. In total, the website has 2 857 job offers.

Reactivity: They answer very quickly.

Special features: HR news (directly in the recruiter dashboard); the blog (which is mostly in Burmese); the expat/repat jobs.

Verdict: JobNet makes it easy to access job offers. As luck would have it, the internet is taking off in a big way in Burma/Myanmar, so this is the perfect time to start posting vacancies on the net.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

Myanmar recruitment market status

Myanmar is currently going through political, social and economic revival. It has a huge quantity of natural resources and inexpensive manpower

Recruitment restriction in Myanmar

  • All employees in Myanmar must be employed under a prescribed employment contract template

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