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Choose from a multitude of job offers among more than thousands jobs on Buscojobs Paraguay. Among this job offers, you can search for a garderner employment, marketing assistant, laboratory technician or a commercial manager. You can post a job very quickly and effectively on Buscojobs Paraguay.

This employers are already posting their job offers on Buscojobs Paraguay : SNPP, Javier Barbero, RH Group, Foro Brasil Paraguay and many others.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Buscojobs is an aggregator job board created in 2007 in Uruguay before spreading to the rest of South America as well as Portugal, Spain and the United States. You can advertise in English but most of the offers are in Spanish and none of their job page portals are available in English. Buscojobs’ activity in Paraguay is relatively high (50 000 visits per month) for a country where only 23% of  the population has internet access. They have no social media links on their website and only 39 000 Facebook users from all the different countries combined felt they were worth following. On twitter, Buscojobs Paraguay has 1 450 followers. There are 1 391 job offers.

Design: At the top of the page is a search bar in two parts (keyword and location). Underneath, there is a list of job offers and some featured companies (some aren’t hiring). The filters are gender (some jobs are gender specific), age, region and job sector or when the advert was posted. In the list of jobs, the job title is emphasized and on the job page, the information included varies. The possible sections are the salary, the zone, the required experience, the gender and the hours. Information about the company (location, sector, openings, logo) is available on the right-hand side, with very little emphasis on the employer (a lot of companies don’t disclose their name).

The job board objective: Buscojobs wants to make finding the right candidate (and the right profession) easier for the South American countries.

Recruiter observations: According to the CIU (the Chambre of Industries in Uruguay) website, all the companies that are partners with the CIU are entitled to a 15% discount on their advertisement needs on Buscojobs (but that isn’t true). For pricing information, you need to e-mail (not call) the website, and to register, you need a fiscal ID number (215520200013 if you aren’t in South America). You can create an account but it takes 24 hours to validate it. Since even the United States version of the website is only available in Spanish, the job board targets Spanish-speaking people. However, you can write to the website in English.

Jobseeker observations: To apply to a job, you need to create an account (even if you are redirected to another job board or application page). To create an account, you need to be in South America, give your gender and marital status but no CV is needed. However, you won’t be able to apply to any jobs if your profile is incomplete. On your dashboard, the different sections are in a list (not a grid) including your offers, your tests and your CV. Also, you can choose the visibility of your profile (sent to companies).

The job offers: There are mostly odd-jobs and even adverts saying “I am looking for work”. Finance is at the bottom of the list for jobs.

Reactivity: The contact e-mail address on their page does not work but they respond quickly to an inquiry sent through the form on the website.

Special features: Work Profile Test (including feedback about your personality compared to others and job recommendations. You can allow or refuse its visibility on your profile for employers); the Buscojob Office (various offers for companies are available); profile visibility options.

Verdict: The work profile test is interesting, the back office answers speedily and the website appears easy to use. If you want some extra money, it seems like Buscojobs might be able to offer a solution.

Paraguay recruitment market status

It’s a small Spanish speaking nation and one of the fastest growing economy is South America. Agriculture is the main sector for the Paraguay economy. The economy is in the midst of a demographic boom and an extraordinary of the population are in the working age and relatively small segment are dependents. Until social justice, equality and rights and brought into politics Paraguay's turbulence can be expected to continue. '>  

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