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Site's statement is a portal for accurate and fast job search and candidate selection. The main purpose of is to provide the best jobs to applicants, and the best professionals to employers.

On applicants can place resume from any source, whereas in other Job portals need to be sure to fill out the form regulated. We save the most valuable resource - time for our users.

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Summary: When in the Eastern European countries looking for work, you’ll want to be careful about which internet area code you use. Rabota (which means “jobs) exists in the Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, but all three websites are very different. The Russian one, is a popular choice for locals when looking for work. The website gets 10.16 million views a month and it is ranked 56th on the list of the most visited job boards in the world! With many followers on social media (7 210 on Twitter, 299 880 on VKontakte and 30 515 on Facebook) and a brand new website design by Agima, Rabota has seen the number of its users rise recently. Finally, there are many categories for the blog, including “law” for anyone who wants information about legal matters in the office in Russia (among the many topics is one on drinking at work, for example).

Design: The website was recently redesigned to attract more users. Large images are featured on the homepage as a backdrop behind the search engine (and some images even move). The search bar is in four parts (keywords, location, proximity to particular metro stations, salary) and additional filters appear for the “advanced search” (for example, you can choose to view only employer adverts, only job offers with a phone number and/or only job offers which include the salary). In fact, there are no filters on the side. Since there is an emphasis on the location (and the public transport), it’s not surprising that they also give clear instructions on how to find their headquarters and include a map. The homepage also features a number of companies (with the number of job offers indicated) and some job offers. Below that, Rabota offers a list of the top 10 professions and popular searches. Once in the job listing, you can see that some job offers are highlighted (they appear even when they are irrelevant for your search) and some say, “urgent”. Every job offer includes the hours, experience and education above the description. The company pages are all customized but usually start with a description of the company, followed by the job offers. Finally, they also have a company listing (which includes logos and the number of job offers per company) and the companies are classified by industry.

The job board objective: Rabota really emphasizes the importance of actually getting to work by including information about nearby metro stations.

Recruiter observations: It is not possible to create an account without a Russian phone number. Clear pricing information on the website though if you just want an idea of how much advertising might cost. You can also select additional promotional options (like urgent posting).

Jobseeker observations: It is not possible to create an account without a Russian phone number. However, you can answer the adverts with phone numbers (they are not hidden and a contact name is included) and you can also upload a CV (with a foreign phone number) to the website without an account. You can include if you are willing to travel for work, are married or have children and the closest metro stations.

The job offers: 45 781 job offers are currently up for grabs. Sales and production are the most popular sectors.

Reactivity: they answer very quickly on the chat support, but the e-mail address doesn’t work.

Special features: The magazine (which is essentially the blog); the chat support; the metro map in the search engine; the job alerts; the calendar (including the holidays and reduced work days).

Verdict: With their new design, Rabota is looking mighty good right now. The metro station filter is a nice touch and visible phone numbers make recruiters easy to contact.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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