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Founded in Kenya in 2006 and operating in all East African markets, BrighterMonday is committed to the goal of maximizing the opportunities for East Africa’s job seekers and employers. BrighterMonday is privately owned and forms part of the investment portfolio of One Africa Media

Jobboard Finder’s opinion is East Africa’s #1 job website and the biggest in Kenya: 

  • The design of the site is modern and minimalist which is easy to navigate
  • This site is only available in English
  • On the homepage you can browse by category or location
  • You can also see the featured jobs and the companies partner of the job board
  • You can do a quick search according to category, location and keyword
  • And on the homepage, you also have the latest articles of the job board's blog, where you can find very interesting news about work in general
  • The job postings have a clear date of publication on them; so we can safely say that this job board is regularly updated and recent

Kenya recruitment market status

Since the job market in Kenya does not seem to get any better the survey say that only 27% of the employers are planning to hire in new positions. This means that job seekers are to have a harder time in job hunting as they need to compete against suitably qualified candidates for the few available positions. The political climate and slow economy are to be blamed for the current job market in Kenya. The Kenyan job market is changing fast yet the unemployment rates remain high and respondents are looking for job openings and apart from the unemployed population, even the employed are activley looking for new roles and Kenyan HR managers need to work harder on employees retention if they do not want to lose top talent. Recruitment is the most expensive undertakings of the HR department. 

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