Top job boards in Spain

Companies in #Spain have had a long history of working with the SEPE (Spain’s National Employment Agency)to find candidates. However, results from a study published by the reknown Adecco Group in 2017 prove this trend and others are changing, giving way to job boards in Spain. Companies were asked about their level of satisfaction with the mechanisms…Continue reading.

How to recruit in the charity sector

Dedicated and skilled volunteers are key for the correct functioning of Non-Profit Organisations. One of the many challenges charities face is not having a sufficient amount of volunteers which can often bring projects to a standstill. So where to find motivated people commited to your cause with limited or any funds? Read more to find out!

How to create the perfect company video

There is no doubt companies benefit greatly from technological advancements.  The use of online recruitment sites, Skype interviews, video conferencing, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and most important of all, company videos are becoming the norm. Recent research shows that 55% of online content is video.

Best job boards in Scotland 

Scotland is not only becoming more and more a popular travel destination (ranking fourth in the 2018 Wanderlust travel hotlist) but it has also become a focus of interest for some of  Europe’s largest companies such as Skyscanner and FanDuel. In addition, unemployment levels are at their lowest and research shows small and middle-sized companies are…Continue reading.

Top job boards for lawyers

Aristotle once said ‘’the law is reason free from passion’’. However, if you disagree and are devoted to this profession or you are simply looking into a career in law, you can read here a list of Jobboard Finder’s top job boards for lawyers to help you find the best career opportunities in this competitive field.

6 easily avoided recruitment mistakes

It’s been a while but welcome back to the Jobboard Finder blog! Today we bring you an article to help you improve the recruitment process of your company. Read on to discover 6 easily avoided recruitment mistakes! Employees are key to the future development and success of an organisation with HR departments having a crucial…Continue reading.

Five ways text messaging can improve HR efficiency

Welcome back to the Jobboard Finder blog! Today we have an article by Ken Rhie, CEO of Trumpia on how to use text messaging to streamline and improve HR communications and efficiency. Read on to find out more! Successful Human Resources departments largely owe their success to effective communication. While emails and phone calls are useful, it is now beneficial for most companies to have the capability of text messaging for communication between employees and the HR department....

Continue reading.