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United nation job board, NGO and european union jobs. We help highly-qualified and motivated individuals to grow professionally and make an impact with their careers abroad in poor countries.

Our customers are mainly NGO organization such as UNICEF, UNOPS, UNVOLUNTEERS, WFP, ICRC, ...

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Summary: Impactpool is a humanitarian job board based on Sweden founded in 2015.Most of the 706 000 something visits per day come from African countries, which makes sense since the work is targeting that region. There is no particular information online about the company otherwise but no news is good news. On social media, they have 23.4K followers on Instagram, 368 711 on Facebook, 10 697 on LinkedIn and 15.2K on Twitter.

Design: When you enter the website, the first thing you see are different images of people and children in poor countries. They look positive and hopeful. There is no search engine but you can click on "show [number] jobs". When you scroll down, you see some featured jobs, categories, big company names and some of the various services from the site. On the homepage, you can select the education level. When you are on the job listing, the filters (organisation groups, occuptional groups, organisations, grades, countries) appear above the list and you can also choose to see only the remote ones. Each job offer is in a box with clear information, including closing dates.

Job board objective: Impactpool is all about talent and mission-driven organisations. By bringing them together, the job board is making the world a better place one job at a time.

Recruiter observations: The prices are online. The second you check out the employer section, you are encouraged to create an account. There are also demo options. There is a helpful Q/A section.

Jobseeker observations: All you'll need to set up an account is a LinkedIn account or an email address. No account is required to apply to offers.

The job offers: There are over 5000 job offers on the site at the moment.

Reactivity: --

Special features: The blog (there are no dates on the articles but they seem to be updated - there is a career and HR resource section); the impact stories (and you can share your own); virtual career fairs; the coaching service; the chat window; white papers; the "jobs with fewer applicants" filter.

Verdict: This site finds all the relevant humanitarian offers and displays them in one place. It's a great new site in a world which is trying to make a difference! 

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