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Jobberman Ghana is an online career portal that started in Nigeria. We place a high premium on Job search that is relevant and up-to-the-minute.  The market opportunity is exciting; Ghana is a large country, large working population, and internationally growing. Our long-term goal is simple: to be the ‘go-to’ company for the industry. We don’t only offer job information services, we are here to build careers.

A Culture of Entrepreneurship & Caring
Our work environment is built on a corporate culture of discipline and values entrepreneurship. At Jobberman, we reward intellectual curiosity and creativity.


Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Jobberman Ghana is the uncontested leader on that market. It is Ghana’s No.1 job site, as ranked by The website is well designed and user friendly. Job adverts are clear, easy to read and easy to apply. It is definitely a website we would recommand on that market. It is the 67th most visited website in Ghana according to SimilarWeb.

Ghana recruitment market status

Its one of the best performing economies in sub-Saharan Africa. It has managed to over come the global crisis almost without struggles but still is amongst the 40 poor countries in the world but has observed a huge economic growth over the past decades. 

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

Jobberman Ghana runs a blog where articles are written about different subjects such as careers advice, news & events about the recruitment market...These articles are also displayed on our social media (Facebook about 100K fans and Twitter about 15K followers).

In February 2012, Jobberman got named as #8 in Forbes Magazine Top 20 Tech Startups in Africa and got featured in the recently released McKinsey Internet Report on Aspiring Countries as one of the Innovative Companies in Nigeria.

Jobberman also won The Future Awards Prize for Enterprise Support in 2013.

Aggregators &
Media Partners

Member of The Network.

International partners: SEEK Australia, SEEK New Zealand, Zhaopin China, Catho Brazil, OCC Mexico, Jobberman Nigeria, JobsDB Asia, JobStreet Asia, JobSeeker Australia, JobSeeker UK, BrighterMonday East Africa, Manager Brazil, BDJobs Bangladesh

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