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Indeed North America is the #1 job site worldwide and gather the Indeed USA website and Indeed Canada. With over 150 million unique visitors per month. Indeed is available in more than 50 countries and 28 languages, covering 94% of global GDP.

Since 2004, Indeed has given job seekers free access to millions of jobs from thousands of company websites and job boards. As the leading pay-for-performance recruitment advertising network, Indeed drives millions of targeted applicants to jobs in every field and is the most cost-effective source of candidates for thousands of companies.

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Summary: Most people know that Indeed is a subsidiary of a Japanese group (Recruit Holdings Co.), but it was actually founded in 2004 by two Americans: Paul Forster and Rony Kahan. Originally, it was just a search engine (with no possibility of placing a job offer or applying to one) but now, Indeed is the leading job board in the world, present in 60 countries and in 28 languages. Indeed optimizes its simplicity with no images, just clear information to help you find a job or post one.  It’s no wonder it can boast 378.84 million views per month (with only half of those coming from the States). They have 235 000 Twitter followers and 1 718 888 on Facebook.

Design: The homepage consists of the familiar blue logo and a search engine (what and where). Below that, recommendations and past searches mount up the more you use Indeed which makes it easy to know if new offers have been posted in your industry. They even have an “I found a job” section for people to share the good news. To access the listing, a keyword is required, or Indeed suggests some. Once on the listing page, the filters include the salary, the job type, the location, the company and the experience level and the offers can be sorted by relevance or date. On the side, popular searches done by people who also looked for your keyword appear, along with some statistics about the average salary. If you click on an offer, the rest of them remain visible next to it. There are no company logos but there are customized company pages that you can also choose to browse through. As for how you structure your job offer, there is a lot of freedom.

The job board objective: Indeed dominates the world of online recruiting with its smart algorithms and sound advice. Indeed is the reference in job boards.

Recruiter observations: Indeed is very user-friendly for a recruiter. Simply click on the “For Employers” button at the top of the page. Then, you can create your account with Facebook, Google or an e-mail address. They take you step by step through the process of creating an advert: they suggest some information to include (experience, education, etc.), they ask how urgent the hire is, they give you an idea of the average salary in the field you are advertising for, they ask how you would like to receive your applicants (in person or by e-mail), you can choose to accept or refuse resume, you choose whether or not you want an end date, they offer ready-to-use assessment sheets for candidates (based on the position you want to fill), etc. However, Indeed relies on Linkedin or Facebook to verify the account! If you do not have either of those accounts, you can provide a utility bill with the company name and address on it. A budget is suggested based on your job offer. It takes 2-3 days to validate an account.

Jobseeker observations: It’s just as easy to create an account as a jobseeker (even if it does take a bit of time). You can compare and browse different job offers or different salaries. Many job offers have ratings, and for a lot of them, you apply though the company website.

The job offers: You can literally find every kind of job on Indeed.

Reactivity: Indeed answers very quickly on their chat support. If you have questions, you can e-mail, phone or chat.

Special features: chat support; job alerts; job ratings; the blog (with different categories); job offer ratings; average salary information; job fairs; “I found a job” section; the Youtube videos from all around the world.

Verdict: No need to say it, Indeed is a clear winner as far as job boards are concerned. You have every kind of job in one place.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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Indeed also runs a blog with articles about employment and job search

With more than 6 million employer reviews, Indeed’s Company Pages help potential employees find the right company based on their values and interests. Companies with detailed profiles and positive reviews attract more qualified applicants.

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