Top 10 best job sites worldwide

Finding up-to-date and high quality job boards is not always an easy task. For both job seekers and recruiters, it is often very difficult to find the best job sites.

That is why Jobboard Finder is here to help and give you some advice; we have selected the top 10 job search websites found across our 180 countries analyzed. The analysis draws from our Jobboard Finder blog and highlights the most visited job boards by both recruiters and job seekers from around the world.

This list is non-exhaustive and only takes into account the analysis led by Jobboard Finder, the communication of each job board and the statistics available online.

Best job sites by Jobboard Finder


Indeed is the most well-known aggregator of job offers and resume in the world. Indeed is not known for the quality of the available job offers displayed on the site, but it publishes such a large number of job offers that today it is the most used aggregator. Indeed has remained the most used job board on a global scale despite its lack of relevance.

2. Monster

Monster is most certainly the most popular job board around the world for employers and career job. Thanks to its numerous adverts across different types of media and the power of its search engine, Monster’s leadership in the recruitment market is without question. In terms of quality to price ratio, this is the job board that stays the most balanced.

3. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is one of the most popular job boards in the world, with a powerful search engine and a multitude of features. Careerbuilder is equipped with a resume database and recruitment resources (advice, recruitment practices, and an HR magazine). We highly recommend the use of Careerbuilder across the whole of Europe and North America.

4. Craigslist

Craigslist is a classified advertisement site based in the United States of America with a section for job offers and advices on how to improve your job career. Craigslist has expanded on a global scale and is now available across the continents. The job offers division of the site is enormous and must been seen to be believed.

5. Linked In

LinkedIn is a recruitment giant for job search finding. The social professional network gathers a huge amount of job offers from around the world and brings together recruiters from SMEs and major companies. The site has over 900 million visits per month and represents one of the leaders in e-recruitment.


Finn jobb is a Norwegian news website that boasts a substantial job offer section. is the best job board for recruiters who want to set up a subsidiary or search for Norwegian talent. It is the most visited site in Norway. If you want to post a job offer on and you don’t speak Norwegian, then we advise you to use our service at, where we can help you with your recruitment needs.

7. Seek

Seek is the number 1 job board in Oceania and is present in both New Zealand and Australia. is very easy and clear to use; it even offers a search engine for job seekers and recruiters alike.

8. Simply Hired

Simply Hired is an aggregator for job offers around the world. You just need to have an idea of what you are looking for, as only one search input at a time is available on the site. With Simply Hired you can have quick access to the most popular job titles but also the most searched job companies.

9. Arbeitsagentur

Arbeitsagentur is the leading job board in Germany for career search. Not only is Arbeitsagentur a job board but it is also the biggest service provider for the German job market.

10. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a multifunctioning website that allows users to search job offers, consult a range of employee salaries, as well as allowing users to read opinions about companies and leave their own reviews. A career advice center is also available on Glassdoor.

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