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who we are

Jobcluster unites a job exchange and job search engine with live search, which has existed since 2009, which helps specialists and executives (applicants), but of course also students (career starters, apprentices) to find their dream job clearly, quickly and efficiently. uses the latest technologies and is compatible with all current communication media such as desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones, and much more.

what we offer

On our job platform, they search for their new job (job, workplace, apprenticeship position) from over 50,000 daily updated job vacancies.

As one of the exclusive cooperation partners of the Federal Employment Agency in Nuremberg, we also present interesting job advertisements for this important institution. In doing so, we follow the clear approach of predominantly presenting jobs from companies and not from personnel service providers with mostly anonymous jobs (without naming the employer). This pre-filtering is a free service for you.

Therefore, you will find little or only a few job offers from rental and temporary employment agencies.

How it works

Enter your desired job title, job title, desired location and define a radius (by default 25km) and click on "Find a job".

Searching our job board is very simple and clearly structured, focusing primarily and specifically on job opportunities for professionals, executives, career starters, apprentices, students and interns. You can use the respective menu items to filter in advance.

Via the respective employer logos or the small house symbol on the right-hand side of a job entry, you can switch directly to their company profile and thus receive all job offers of the selected company.

As a further service, we offer you a route planning to the respective registered office of a job advertised. This way, you can immediately see the distance between you and your new employer.

Useful is also the radius search. This offers the possibility of extending the radius of the respective future work area in intervals of 5 km to 100 km via a postal code-related - ie initially local search - in order to find suitable and precisely tailored job advertisements.

With these features you get an extended opportunity to find suitable jobs from the variety of exclusive offers.

The entire job cluster team wishes you every success in finding your dream job.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Jobcluster is not one of the leading job boards in Germany, however its stats are growing. In september 2014, there were 20K job offers vs more than 40K in June 2015. Furthermore according to SimilarWeb data, the audience is growing since February 2015 and have even doubled in May 2015. This website could be a good additional job board.

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Marketing activities

Regional multiposting also in social media. Expert advice on the blog.


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