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Site's statement, Ireland's No. 1 recruitment website, has been bringing career seekers and recruiters together since 1995. We reach the highest calibre of candidates nationwide, easily and cost effectively. We have over 92% renewal rate amongst over 1,000 companies who advertise with receives 1.4m visits from over 700K individual jobseekers each month. was the first recruitment website to be established by, now a world leader in online recruitment, running 500 websites across 30 countries.

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Summary: IrishJobs has been around for a very long time (since 1995), which means it has had more than enough time to understand Irish employment. Clearly, their followers on social media (18 100 on Twitter, 54 079 on Facebook and 6 266 on Linkedin) think it’s worth keeping an eye on the job board. The job board used to belong to Saongroup, but the group was sold to Axel Springer in 2013. It currently gets about 1.30 million visits a month (only 767 000 of those actually come from Ireland though) and it is the third most visited job website in the country. There is an impressive list of “recognitions” (but we couldn’t find some of them) and partner websites for those looking for work outside of Ireland.

Design: Much like, IrishJobs has embraced the black (and slightly yellow) colour scheme. The homepage has made its app a feature, next to the search engine in three parts (keywords, location, and company) and you can tick the employer and/or agency box. Other shortcuts to job offers, career advice and news are also on the homepage. Once in the job listing, the company name, logo, the job title, salary information, ratings (if there is one), the location and the last update are visible for each job offer, but the filters a limited to the search engine. You can sort the posts by relevance or newness. You can also access the company pages, which include star ratings, reviews, job offers, a description and useful information.

The job board objective: IrishJobs wants to help the Irish understand the labour market and find work.

Recruiter observations: Recruiters must call the job board to set up an account. The job offers can include preliminary questions for applicants.

Jobseeker observations: It’s very easy to create an account and you don’t have to upload a CV (even if you will need one for each job offer). Most job offers include some preliminary questions. It’s always a plus to have clear CV visibility options.

The job offers: There are 9 742 job offers. The standout most popular categories are banking, accounting, engineering and IT.

Reactivity: They have chat support on the recruiter page and they answer quickly.

Special features: Interview coaching; surveys (even if some exclude certain groups); the guide (how to register, create an alert, etc.); job alerts; companies reviews and ratings; the “helpful” button on reviews; CV and cover letter templates; the career advice (with subsections, including “job descriptions”, which are job files with the current job offers at the end); the recruiter blog; the newsroom (all the articles except one are over a year old); the detailed industry specific CV advice; the app; chat support; a handful of Youtube videos; testimonials;  the “not for me” button.

Verdict: It’s a bit difficult to find a job that actually corresponds to your search in you aren’t looking in any of the top categories. Redefining the filters might help. Otherwise, the advice and the articles are handy and the job offers are updated regularly.

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