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JOBS.BG is the No. 1 job site – and one of the most popular websites – in Bulgaria, visited by more than 1.2 million unique users every month (Google Analytics). As the primary source for career advice about the IT and engineering sectors, JOBS.BG has a strong reputation among top candidates in these industries.

JOBS.BG is the recruitment media with the largest audience in Bulgaria by far with an audience exceeding multiple times the combined audiences of all of their competitors. This is why over 70,000 companies post more than 20,000 job offers per month. Around 74% of their users are currently employed and 72% have higher education qualifications (GTMS, Intelligence Group).

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: is a generalist Bulgarian job board created back in 2002 and run by the CEO, Plamen Voushev. If you speak Bulgarian, he believes foreign language learning will be essential to find a job in the future. The website is itself available in English and Bulgarian. Without being the most impressive-looking job board, it’s the 19th most visited website in the country, the leading job board and it attracts 4.87million views a month! There is no “About Us” section, and practically nothing on Linkedin (except 211 followers), but the Q&A section does provide some information about the job board. Even the social media is difficult to track down: no Twitter page and a number of faking-looking Facebook ones. It would seem that the page with 128 132 followers is the right now, but it has no posts anyway. owns, which publishes articles about the labour market, keeping jobseekers and recruiting updated on local and international happenings. Finally, we stumbled across an article in which a jobseeker accused of hindering the job search for some candidates (by not pass on CVs even though candidates had applied to job offers). Comments from other users agreed with the accusations.

Design: The site is dominantly purple and the partner economy one is dominantly orange. The homepage is in four parts: you can use the search engine box to look for a job (the location, the radius, the category, the type, the level, the keywords, the languages), you can visit the company pages (all of the featured ones are hiring), you can discover the job offers through the many industries or you can read the articles. Once in the job listing, there are no other filters (except the posting date), but the information is clear (there are even icons indicating if the offer has videos and a business card). You can also tick the following boxes: only companies, only agencies, jobs in Bulgaria only, jobs with the salary only, seasonal jobs in seaside resorts/in mountain resorts. Each job offer layout is different to reflect the company. Next to the job listing, there is also a list of top employers.

The job board objective: aims to dominate the employment market in Bulgaria by keeping the job search simple and the recruitment process straightforward.

Recruiter observations: Depending on where you company is from, the form is not exactly the same. It’s easy to set up an account (even without a correct identification number), and to create a company page. To actually create a job offer, you’ll have to call. The expiry date is optional when creating a post and recruiters can include preliminary questions.

Jobseeker observations: It’s easy to create an account and to apply to job offers. You often have some questions to answer though and you need a CV, unless you are redirected.

The job offers: There are 27 091 job offers are currently on the website. Most of the industries/categories have hundreds – if not thousands – of job offers, but those with the most are sales, manufacturing, hospitality and IT. Only remote work has no job offers.

Reactivity: They answer quickly and are helpful.

Special features: The offers posted today; the top 50 employers; the news from; the clear GDPR information; job alerts.

Verdict: is easy to use for both jobseekers and recruiters. It’s still a bit troubling to think that they might withhold information but the article was more than 5 years old, so we’d prefer to think that is no longer the case. It’s a successful job board and popular choice in Bulgaria.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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Marketing activities

Both large and SME businesses use JOBS.BG as their primary, and often sole, recruitment channel for attracting the most qualified candidates. Improving the effectiveness of your recruitment campaigns, JOBS.BG represents the widest spectrum of business fields and candidates in Bulgaria. The media has almost 100% brand awareness of JOBS.BG, ensuring your recruitment campaigns offer the best return on investment.

JOBS.BG was voted Business Superbrand 2007-2008 and Superbrand 2009-2010. JOBS.BG is also a member of the Bulgarian Human Resource Management and Development Association, the Association of Advertising Agencies – Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies, the Bulgarian Web Association, and the International Association of Employment Web Sites.


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